Tech Guru Top-Up : Free Fire new Top-Up Details

A New Top-Up is coming to Free Fire soon?

Tech Guru Top-Up Free Fire: Free Fire game currently is one of the highest-grossing games all over India. One of the main attractions of the game is Top-up bundles. Just like that, a new Top-up is coming to the Free Fire tomorrow. The name of the upcoming Top-up is ‘Tech Guru Top Up’, which coming on 15th September. You wanna know the details of the this Top-up? Have you saved your diamonds? Let’s find out all information that we have got according to reports in this article

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Tech Guru Top Up: A new top-up for Free Fire

  • Free Fire game is currently one of the popular Battle Royale games in India. This game is released in 2017 by Garena Gaming Company. But after the marketing team of Garena marketed this game so high that it became the ‘Best Popular Vote Game’ in 2019. This game gains vastly popularity by one of the coolest feature exists, that is Top Ups of very small amount in-game. Players can easily invest a little money in the game rather than a large amount for skins.
Tech Guru Top-Up : Free Fire
Tech Guru Top-Up : Free Fire FF
  • The concept of diamond currency is unique in Free Fire that players can get weapon skins, backpack skins & more things with it. One of them is the upcoming ‘Tech Guru Top Up’. This top-up is upcoming on 15th September, which means tomorrow. Let’s check out how this top-up going to be-


The ‘Tech Guru Top-Up FF’ will be the continuation of the ‘Moco Event’, which is currently running from 12th September – 23rd September. Here are some details of this top-up event-


  • There will be a new Backpack skin for 100 diamonds. It will be named – “Meca Month Backpack”.
  • Also, there will be a new Gloo Wall skin for 500 diamonds. It will be named – “Meca Gloo Wall”.
  • As per the reports, there will be some emotes & vouchers that may come with the ‘Tech Guru Top Up’. Though the exact names are not confirmed.


Surely these things bring an attractive look to the game. The Tech Guru Top Up will end on 23rd September so that you have 7 days to spend your Diamonds. If you have not bought your diamonds from the Moco Event, Do it right now! Because next Top Up offers may come late future. But don’t worry, Once we know about the upcoming top-ups and events I will inform you. Hope you like the detailed information about the upcoming ‘Tech Guru Top Up’. Please share your valuable feedback in the comment section. Thank You.

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