How to Defeat Azelf in Pokémon Go ? Weakness OF Azelf

How to Defeat Azelf in Pokémon Go? Weakness OF Azelf; After the psychic spectacular event is over in Pokémon Go, From 14th October-1st October at 10 am local time we are seeing new Raid Bosses in 5-star raids. Azelf, Mesprit & Uxie is the new 5-star raid boss which appears in raids globally. However, Azelf is only available to some specific regions exclusively – America and Greenland areas. If you want an Azelf for you then you have to do a 5-star raid remotely via remote raid passes. Let’s talk about how strong is Azelf in Pokémon Go & how to defeat Azelf.

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Weakness OF Azelf Pokemong go
Weakness OF Azelf Pokemon go

Azelf – the new Raid Boss for 5-star

  • Azelf is one of the guardians which are introduced in Generation IV. People call these guardians named – ‘Lake Trio’. Azelf, Mesprit & Uxie is the three legendary Pokémon which are the Lake Trio.
  • Azelf looks like a Fairy-type Pokémon which has two tails, but the type of Pokémon is Psychic. So that means Azelf is effective against Fighting types & Poison types. But it takes 2x damages from Dark-type, Ghost types & Bug types. Let’s look at the stats on how to defeat Azelf easily.

Stats of Azelf:-

  • Type — Psychic
  • ATK Stats – 270
  • DEF Stats – 151
  • HP Stats – 181

Movesets of Azelf:-

  • Fast attacks - Extrasensory, Confusion
  • Charge attacks - Swift, Future Sight, Fire Blast

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How to defeat Azelf in Pokémon Go?

Raid Analysis:-

  • Counters Pokémons of Azelf:- (Weakness of Azelf)
  • Mega Pokémons:-

  1. Mega Gengar (Mega Evolution of Gengar)- Lick, Shadow Ball

2. Mega Houndoom (Mega Evolution of Houndoom)- Snarl, Foul Play

3. Mega Gyarados (Mega Evolution of Gyarados)- Bite, Crunch

4. Mega BeeDrill (Mega Evolution of BeeDrill)- Bug Bite, X-scissor

5. Mega Blastoise (Mega Evolution of Blastoise)- Bite, Hydro Canon

  • Shadow form Pokémons:-

  1. Shadow Tyranitar (Shadow form of Tyranitar)- Bite, Crunch

2. Shadow Mewtwo (Shadow form of MewTwo)- Psycho Cut, Shadow Ball

3. Shadow Houndoom (Shadow form of Houndoom)- Snarl, Foul Play

4. Shadow Weavile (Shadow form of Weavile)- Snarl, Foul Play

5. Shadow Hounchkrow (Shadow form of Hounchkrow)- Snarl, Dark Pulse

6. Shadow Absol (Shadow form of Absol)- Snarl, Dark Pulse

7. Shadow Raikou (Shadow form of Raikou)- Thunder Shock, Shadow Ball

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  • Legendary & Mythical Pokémons:-

  1. Darkrai (Mythical Pokemon)- Snarl, Shadow Ball
  2. Giratina [Origin Forme] (Legendary Pokemon)- Shadow Claw, Shadow Ball
  3. Yveltal (Legendary Pokemon)- Snarl, Dark Pulse
  4. MewTwo (Legendary Pokemon)- Psycho Cut, Shadow Ball
  • Wild Spawned Pokémons:-

  1. Chandelure (Ghost-type)- Hex, Shadow Ball
  2. Hydreigon (Dark-type)- Bite, Dark Pulse
  3. Tyranitar (Dark-type)- Bite, Crunch
  4. Gengar (Ghost-type)- Shadow Claw, Shadow Ball
  5. Houndoom (Dark-type)- Snarl, Foul Play
  6. Weavile (Dark-type)- Snarl, Foul Play
  7. Honchkrow (Dark type)- Snarl, Dark Pulse
Defeat Azelf in Pokémon Go
Weakness OF Azelf Pokemon go


Encounters of Azelf:-

  • Non-Boosted weather CP of Azelf (1752-1834)
  • Boosted weather CP <Windy> (2190-2293)


Recently, Niantic released a Shiny version of Azelf in Pokémon Go. The raids will end on 1st October 2021. So prepare your Pokémon before the end line & do some raids to get a shiny Azelf for you. To defeat Azelf this article may help you with following Pokémon Counters. Let’s just defeat Azelf together to get a Shiny Azelf.

Comment down below your queries. I would be like to help you.

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