VS AI Mode Coming to BGMI – Check Details

BGMI VS AI Mode Coming Soon

VS AI Mode Coming to BGMI
VS AI Mode Coming to BGMI

VS AI Mode Coming to BGMI: Currently, BGMI is one of the most loved mobile games in the new generation gaming community. Thus make BGMI Developers make new changes and add some updates to the game to gain more players’ attention. With the upcoming Season C1S2, a new gaming mode is coming to BGMI and Global PUBG Mobile along with M3 Royal Pass. This gaming mode is called VS AI Mode. In this article, we are here to give you some information about this new mode VS AI.

VS AI Mode: Things you need to know about

The new Season and new Updates are the most interesting part of the BGMI mobile game. According to reports, this seasonal update something cool is about to come- VS AI Mode. This mode will be based on Livik Map, which is currently in a beta stage at this point. This mode is basically for practice purposes with AI thus you can improve your gameplay. Currently, the latest Global beta version 1.6 of PUBG mobile launched this new mode in the game. This is likely to come in Global PUBG & BGMI both if it gets popular & developers want to add. Let’s be prepared for the mode so that you can enjoy the game if it launches globally.

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Things to know about VS AI Mode BGMI


  • This VS AI Mode is basically for practicing with bots thus you can improve your current gameplay. You will face Artificial Intelligence Bots which will be not real players. They are functioned by the game developers.
  • This mode has 3 different types of difficulty levels – Easy, Medium & Hard. You will face the same map & same type of time to these modes. However, the opponents you will face will be much more skillful if you going for medium & high.
  • Don’t worry about much for difficulties, because this mode will be unranked. That means you’ll enjoy the game without any Rank loss or Statistics loss.
  • So this will be unranked, maybe you are thinking to play this mode for rank push & thinking to go Conqueror? Sorry to disappoint you but this not going to happen at all. Because of the unranked system, it will leave no impact on your ranks.
  • You might be thinking bots are very easy to kill. Well, somehow it’s true but not completely. In this mode in higher difficulties, the bot throws Stun Grenade to the player! Yes, you heard it right. Even they rush at you like a 4 man squad. So beware to underestimate them.
  • Last but not least, I personally think this mode is somehow to increase the popularity of Livik Map for itself because people don’t play much Livik map in a global range.

These things will help you to play the upcoming VS AI mode which will be available soon. Hope you like this.

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