How to Push Conqueror in C1S2 M3 in BGMI

How to Push Conqueror in C1S2 M3 in BGMI: BGMI current season C1S1 is going to end soon, on September 17. Every BGMI player thinks every season to push rank for Conqueror.

How to Push Conqueror in C1S2 M3 in BGMI
Push Conqueror in C1S2 M3 in BGMI

Conqueror is the highest tier for this Batte Royale game. You need as many as Survival points and Kill points. The more your tier, the less points you will get from a match. After reaching ACE (which is the 2nd most tier), the Top 500 players get a chance to get the Conqueror title & frame the next morning. This title and frame reward is permanent, but the rank will last for the season only. So, that you can push rank next season again.

But are you really ready for rank push? Here are some tips and tricks that might help you for pushing rank more easily and efficiently.

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How To Push Conqueror in C1S2 M3 in BGMI

Supportive Teammates

Every BGMI player must need this for better gameplay. If you have supportive teammates for BGMI, you might consider yourself a lucky person. They can easily help you for better gameplay & survival points, which matters the most, rather than Random players you may found in-game.

A Good Device to Play

You may have a good team for Rank pushing, but sometimes your phone may not provide you with your full potential. So, you need a better device that can provide you better gaming experience. You need as much frame rate as possible for faster reactions. So, a newly bought device or a high-end gaming phone may help you a lot. Though it’s optional.

How good is the Internet Connection

Buying after a new phone, you might be happy that now you’re good to go. But is it? Is your internet connection being good enough to support you? Then you should consider a good internet connection most likely. Sometimes ping issues or just loading screen buffering may be a frustrating thing for Rank pushing.

Headphones are Must

This thing you always need to consider. No matter how is the phone or how good is the internet connection, headphones are always a must-buy for every player. It’s not that much costlier considering these days, you can buy yourself cheap ones too. Headphones always inform you about your enemy movements, which is a must-know! But always consider a wired headphones/earphones.

How to Push Conqueror in C1S2 M3 in BGMI

Last but not least, it’s good to push Rank in BGMI as soon as possible to avoid hackers or some glitches.

Hope those tips may help you to push Rank to Conqueror this season easily. Congratulations on your upcoming Conqueror Frame & Title and other Rewards.

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