Brief Information To Earn Knockout Medal in COD Mobile

Knockout Medal in COD Mobile

Earn Knockout Medal in COD Mobile: Recently Call of duty mobile has launched an event on the 8th of September. The name of this is ‘Knockout Artist Seasonal Event’. In this event Call of Duty is giving players can unlock boxing gloves or prizefighters. The event will be having different kinds of challenges. This Knockout Medal Event is featuring the motive of good performance as well as they can earn the knockout medal.

COD players can follow the further article and get details about the event and can earn knockout medals rewardingly.

Earn Knockout Medal in COD Mobile
Earn Knockout Medal in COD Mobile

Many people play Call of Duty as it is famous in the battel royal category game. The good thing about this game is that it keeps bringing updates after short and frequent intervals. With the updates, they keep enhancing characters, events, skins, features, camos, and seasons also.

Currently, Season 7 of COD mobile is live. In this new season Call of Duty, mobile has brought new events as well as new features. For example, the knockout medal event has been added to the current event recently. The interesting thing about this event is the new performance-based challenges for individual players of Call of Duty Mobile.

 Earn Knockout Medal in COD Mobile

Acquiring the knockout medal in COD mobile is considers to easy and comfortable task for all the players. It is very easy to achieve the knockout medal because you just have to perform only one task. The Player has to kill only one opponent player. The used for killing the opponent player must be the melee weapon. You have to kill the opponent player in MP matches only. Players can win a large number of knockout medals by killing the opponent player with the melee weapon.

To complete the knockout medal event player has to achieve more medals. The basic requirement is the player should kill 15 players and need to achieve 15 knockout medals. The condition for this is that the players should be killed in MP matches only. It is not that difficult to perform and win this task. In conclusion to this player can win knockout medal event also.

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Rewards as well as Challenges In Knockout Medal Event

Currently, the Knockout Artist event is live, It has started on the 8th of September. However, it will last long for 15 more days. Altogether 7 missions are seen in this event. They are listed below.
Earn Knockout Medal in COD Mobile



  • Play 5 MP Matches and get 200 credits + 1000 Battle Pass XP
  • Kill 10 opponent players with melee weapons and get J358 to scrab skin as well as 15 weapon XP card
  • Achieve the Knockout medal 15 times in MP matches and get Standoff Card +  2000 battle pass XP.
  • Kill 20 enemies with the dead silence and quick perks equipped get not only Boxing Gloves but also 3000 battle pass XP.
  • 15 times achieve the backstabber medal in MP matches and get Ring Leader Frame as well as 3000 battle pass XP.
  • With equipping Hardline Perk Win a minimum of 5 MP matches and get AGR 556 Colorweave Skin and 4000 Battle pass XP.
  • Kill near about 15 enemies with AGR 556 with 5 Attachments and get prizefighters as well as 5000 Battle pass XP.

Call of Duty Mobile posses near about 86 medals. The 86 medals can be earned by the player by completing the assigned tasks for the respective medals. You can earn these medals in any of these two means either in Multiplayer or Battle Royal respectively. Near about 43 medals are in multiplayer mode and the remaining 27 are in Battle Royal mode.

To earn the knock-out medal easily one should try to play domination and hardpoint. Although gamers can choose between the modes in Shipment Map. Considering the small size of the map players can have close gun combat and kill the enemies easily in the gunfight.

In this Knockout Artist Challenge, players may earn new Prizefighters melee weapons as well as a lot of EXP points. However, players have to play hard and achieve the medals and need to complete the Knockout Medal Task.

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