Free Fire Less is More Event – Get Discount on Diamonds

Free Fire Less is More Event: The Garrena Free Fire is going to announce again a big new event. In this their moto is giving a huge discount on diamonds. This event is having different kind of popularity because of this big loot. “Less is More” is the name of the event it means they are offering something high to the players. The policy of this event is that, they are giving the discount in the purchase of the diamonds based on the number of diamonds in their account. Don’t forget that diamonds are the basic and fundamental source of the player’s personal gaming performance as well as experience. Whatever it may be this event will be giving the huge discount on the diamonds.

Free Fire Less is More Event
Free Fire Less is More Event

In various aspects while playing Free Fire diamonds share their own fabrication in the player’s growth. As all the transactions are based on the currency in day to day life, just in the similar way diamonds works as currency in the free fire life. This diamonds supports the player in in-game purchase such as while buying skins, weapons, costume, characters etc. The interesting aspect is that for having diamonds in your account you have to spend the real world currency. Thus, this is a very fantastic deal for the free fire players. So don’t forget to grab this chance and get a large amount of diamonds in your free fire account. This offer is available at various storefronts.

A brief about Less is More Event Free Fire

This less is more event is considered to be held on 9th September to 14th September 2021. The players can get the huge benefits of this event in the given duration. As we know players will get discount on the purchase of the 520 diamonds based on the number of the diamonds in their free fire account. During this period of time the price of the diamonds will vary according to the number of diamonds in their account. If the you have less number of diamonds in your account you will definitely get the more discount. For example if you are having as less as zero diamonds the maximum discount you will receive.

If you are planning to buy the diamonds in going time. This must be the best period to crack a better deal than usual. In fact Free Fire is offering up to 60 percent of discount on  520 diamond pack.

An estimated Price based on Diamonds

If you are having 0-49 diamonds you will have to spend Rs.160. If the diamonds in your account ranges from 50-149 you will have to pay near about Rs.250. Suppose the diamonds varies between 150-299 you need to give Rs.300. If more than 299 you have to pay Rs.400. That’s it, So spend the diamonds in your account and receive the maximum discount.

Procedure to Grab a Deal

  1. Enter free fire game in your smartphone.
  2. Select the diamond button on the screen.
  3. Select the Less is more option in top-up options.
  4. Choose the appropriate option based on number of diamonds
  5. Complete the transaction using suitable payment method.

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