Moco Puzzle Event Password Free Fire

What is moco puzzle password free fire?

Moco Puzzle Event Password Free Fire

Moco Puzzle Event Password Free Fire: Garena Free Fire just celebrated their fourth anniversary and is now hosting a new Moco Find the Password event for gamers.

Garena has added a new Free Fire Moco Puzzle event today as part of the Moco: rebirth events. Soon after the conclusion of the FF 4th anniversary, the creators scheduled a series of events.

The makers of Free Fire are constantly adding fresh content to the game, which never fails to entertain gamers.

Moco is now in line to gain an awakening talent in the game, as well as a series of events associated with her name.

Exclusive cosmetics, bundles, and more will be available at the event. On September 18, 2021, the Moco: Rebirth will reach its pinnacle.

Free fire always sees up to very exciting events for their audience , which the fans enjoy and five them surprising gifts And moco puzzle is one of them.

About the moco puzzle password FF event

Moco Puzzle Event Password Free Fire

The Free Fire Moco Puzzle event begins today, September 6, 2021, and runs through September 12, 2021.

The Moco Month banner and a Turquoise Warning avatar will be available as part of the new puzzle event.


  • The puzzle will begin as the players click on the event banner that appears when the game enters the lobby.
  • Then press the start button.
  • The first objective is to avoid being hit by blocks that fall from the ceiling.
  • To access the lab, players must avoid being shot by them by using their screens.

After that, players must unlock the lab door, which requires a passcode to open.

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Moco password?

Moco Puzzle Event Password FF

A series of alphabets emerge on the screen, and players must input the correct passcode to open the door.

Players should use the alphabet on the screen to enter the word “DOOR.” Then the players should click the arrow, which will be shown to them in the game.

The participants are then prompted to provide a new password to continue. By clicking on the on/off icon, you can create your password.

That’s all there is to know about completing the Puzzle event in Free Fire and earning free goodies. My thoughts on the events and other things in the game are:

The events and skins, gifts  all is cool but the most important thing is to enjoy playing the game.

They must enter the presented numbers to advance to the next step. Above given is all the information about the Moco puzzle password-free fire. If you find it useful, then do comment.

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