Lars bundle in Fortnite – Now Available in item shop

Lars bundle in Fortnite: Fortnite is a very much popular game among players worldwide. As it could be play in solo duo as well as squads. And the Fortnite game has amazing graphics and they frequently add new skins. They even collaborates with many celebrities for their skin in the game. So it is among the top 10 games in the world.

The Fortnite are Developer by epic games. There are many challenges every week that must be Complete by the players to get all the possible rewards.

They also add many new bundles in the game and that bundles may contain new skins, emotes, challenges, and many more things. At the present time, the game has come up with a new lars bundle Fortnite.

You must read the whole article without skipping a bit so that you could have every possible information about the lars bundle Fortnite. You could have information about what is going to be Includes in the lars outfit Fortnite as well as its price.

Lars Bundle Fortnite

Lars bundle in Fortnite

There are many things includes in the lars outfit Fortnite and all of them are to be mentions down below:

  1. By purchasing this bundle you could get access to save the world (P vs E Campaign)
  2. As well as you could get the most amazing lars hero in the lars outfit Fortnite.
  3. You can get a prop chop pickaxe which is usable in the battle royale as well as creative.
  4. The other thing is the storm summer back bling that could be use in the battle royale and creative.
  5. You can also get an incredible lars outfit that is usable in creative and battle royale.

In challenges, you get the lars challenge. By completing this lars challenge in the lars outfit Fortnite you could earn up to 1000 v-bucks.

If the player wants to earn 1000 x-ray tickets then the player must complete the save the world daily quests in order to get those 1000 x-ray tickets.

Price of Lars Bundle Fortnite

The price of this lars bundle Fortnite is not too expensive and not that cheap. The price of lars outfit Fortnite is set to be $15.99. And at this price, you could get all the above things mentioned in the lars bundle Fortnite.

Lars outfit in Fortnite


In this article, we have covered a piece of detailed information on the Fortnite game and its overview. As well as the lars outfit Fortnite what is included in it and what is the price of lars outfit Fortnite. All this information has been covered in the article.

We hope that you may have liked this article s we have tried our best to cover each and every topic related to lars outfit Fortnite in a very detailed way. So that you could have all information related to the lars bundle Fortnite. And it might become useful to you in your fortnite game.

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