BF 2042 Pre-order Bonus: Complete Details

BF 2042 Pre-order Bonus: The battlefield game is very popular among players all over the world. This is a shooter game. This game is developed by the EA dice. And this game has been developed by the American company electronic arts.

This battlefield 2042 would be very much different from any before versions of the game. On this battlefield, there are three different kinds of versions. The 1st one is the standard edition while the 2nd one is the gold edition and while the 3rd edition in the game is the ultimate edition.

In this article,, we would cover bf 2042 pre order bonus. The different versions have a different kinds of pre order bonuses.

BF 2042 Pre-order Bonus
BF 2042 Pre-order Bonus

The BF 2042 Pre Order Bonuses are Down Below:

BF 2042 pre order bonus for the standard version of the game:

The players could get early access to open the beta.

  • Players will get rewards with Mr chompy epic weapon charm.
  • Another reward is baku acb 90 melee takedown knife
  • Other reward is old guard tag and a landfall player card background
BF 2042 Pre-order Bonus

BF 2042 Pre Order Bonus for the Gold Edition in the Game:

In this gold every reward of standard edition are include and other rewards are down below.

  • Cross gen bundle
  • pre access to the game launch
  • One year pass with four specialists, battle pass and 3 bundles of epic skin.

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BF 2042 Pre Order Bonus for the Ultimate Edition:

In this ultimate pre order bonus every thing is included of the gold edition and other special rewards only for ultimate are down below.

Players would also get an official digital artbook too.

The another reward is the midnight ultimate bundle.

This midnight ultimate bundle includes of the legendary outfit as well as legendary sikn and a legendary vehicle skin.

The battlefield 2042 and the bf 2042 pre order bonus included in it are available now. The prices for this editions totally depends on the platform on which player play it.

However the pc versions and current gen of battlefield 2042 would support 128 player matches and the larger maps.

Frequently Asked Questions:

On what platforms is the battlefield 2042 available?

The battlefield 2042 is available on the platforms such as pc, PS 4, PS 5, xbox one and box series x. On this many platforms the battlefield 2042 is available. But the prices would surely differ according to the platforms.


In this article we have tried to cover a piece of detailed information on what is battlefield and the bf 2042 pre-order bonus. We even covered the various version in the battlefield 2042. And faq on what platforms is battlefield available and some information about the prices.

We hope that you may have liked our article as we tried to cover the in a detailed way so that you could have all the information about bf 2042 pre order bonus and do not need to search more for that.

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