How to Build fast in Fortnite Mobile

How to Build Fast in Fortnite Mobile

How to Build fast in Fortnite Mobile
Build fast in Fortnite Mobile

How to Build fast in Fortnite Mobile: After a long time at last fortnite on of the world’s most popular games has made its way to Android. Epic games made a surprising quest and decided not to release the game on Google Play Store.  Instead they decided to use their own launchers. The game is still available only on select Fortnite compatible devices.  But it’s gone through a number of updates that have improved the mobile experience which includes full cross-platform capabilities.  Keeping that in mind we have put together a list of Fortnite mobile tips and tricks so you will be Winning matches easily in no time . As we all wanted to know , How to build fast in fortnite mobile.

In case you don’t know Fortnite

Save the world launched 1st for PC, Xbox one and PS 4 in July 2017 as a paid survival shooter. Epic games released a new free to play mode for the game on September 2018 Fortnite: battle Royale in which hundred players parachute on to a map and then try to shoot each other with one player left standing who is declared as the winner.  This mode of game has become insanely popular with over the 125 million player world wide earning epic games more than three billion dollars in profit in 2018 alone .

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How to Build fast in Fortnite Mobile Tips and tricks

Choosing a shooting mode

When you start the game for the 1st time Fortnite will offer you several different shooting modes . As all of the games controls are the virtual buttons. You will want to find the best option for your play style. And also wanted to know that how to build fast in fortnite mobile. Like many other shooting games Fort offers players the option to either fire there weapon. Using on screen buttons or by just taping on any free open space.  But epic games recommends an auto firing mode.

Enable this and the characters gun will go of any time and the enemy character is within range and in the players cross hairs . If you don’t like how your selected shooting option works you can always go back and change it. To do this tap on the menu icon located in the top right corner of Fortnite home screen. Select the HUD lay out tool option then tap on the arrow the top right corner and choose change fire mode .How to build fast in fortnite mobile ? You will have an idea about this.

How to Build fast in Fortnite Mobile
How to Build fast in Fortnite Mobile

Change the button layout

This feature can be used on PC and console. This means remapping physical buttons but in the mobile game .Users literally move almost all of the different buttons on the screen.  To access this customization feature tap ok the menu icon and select the HUD layout tool. When you are done making your changes. Save them by tapping on the arrow icon in the top right corner and exit. How to build fast in fortnite mobile? read this article carefully. Then you will get to know about this.

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