Valorant Queue is Disabled – Simple Step to Fix

Valorant Queue is Disabled

Valorant Queue is Disabled

Valorant Queue is Disabled Error: Riot games Valorant has temporarily disabled the queues for the shooter valorant for fixing an virus the underlying bug with users custom settings in the  games . The custom settings are key to the competitive experience to solve the issue. It is necessary to temporarily disabled the ranked queues.  Riot has been trying to know the issue where the gamers custom key binds and the other settings in the game then would automatically rebooted at the starting of the game . As Riot has decided to temporarily disabled the rank queue to prevent putting certain players at a disadvantage in such interesting games . The rank queue would go back live as soon as the issue is resolve by the developers. Which would take some hours at the most .

Players can even now queue for the other in game modes such as spike rush unrated or death  match . Since the problem in the game may still re offer you may have to readjust your games settings and automatically reset the settings manually.  In case to fixe the valorant queue disabled error  generally happens due to the trouble shooting in such situations you could try following steps.

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Try following steps To fix Queue is Disable

The very 1st step is to quit the game and reset the client. If you have older version it may not work . There might be a new patch out which is responsible for clashing. As we know the valorant queue is disabled. It is important to keep the game updated to the latest version and fix the error.  If this doesn’t work you could also try rebooting your internet connection and also your gaming device.  You would also try running the valorant as an administrator and observe whether that helps you in any way.

Valorant Queue is Disable Error

Other Information Of Valorant Queue is Disable

Doing this all it could still happened that these fixes might not work due to the error you are getting because of the server’s being offline as the developers are doing something on the rent . So  the valorant queue disabled error isn’t because of the gamers Rather it is due to the developers . Hence if you are getting the queue is disabled error it is not the gamer fault. To remain updated about the game you must keep the regular follow up.  And peek at some valorant forums or the games official social media accounts. To know that whether something is opening on the developers site. As we know that the valorant queue disabled . If you don’t get anything there then the error might be from the gamers end  . You could try the fixing the issue listed steps above.

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