Cyber MAX Loot Box in Free Fire Max – Complete Details

Cyber Max loot box free fire Max: Now, all the Indian gamers are on Cloud 9 since GARENA opened up. All of them have mostly pre-registered and now would be fending for friends to find to get them pre-registere so that they can claim the rewards that GARENA has put up, depending on the number of total pre-registrations and the no. of invites. So out of all the prizes that the gamers are supposed to get, the one that has riled up everyone is the Cyber MAX Loot Box.

Cyber Max loot box free fire Max
Cyber Max loot box free fire Max

Cyber MAX Loot Box in Free Fire Max

This will be the prize for gamers to pre-register for Free Fire MAX through Google Play. The pre-registrations will be giving out exclusive, exciting prizes that pose a possibility of becoming rare or going on the purchase that you can now get for free. Gamers can now pre-register for GARENA Free Fire MAX and claim access to the global APK launch that will gift us a breath-taking experience for the Battle Royale.

Gamers can pre-register and win an exclusive gift through the Play Store (Google Play Store), namely, ‘The Cyber Max Loot Box’. Whenever there is a pre-registration exclusive item. It has greater chances of becoming rare because, in these circumstances, it is unique. All the steps of the pre-registration were mentione.

In a previous article but here are all of those again

1. Open the Google Play Store.

2. Search for Free Fire MAX.

3. On the application screen, players should select the option of ‘pre-registration.

Pre-registration reward offer

As per the Google Play Store listing, here is what GARENA quoted: “Pre-registration reward offer only valid to users who pre-register on Google Play during the pre-registration period. Limit of one pre-registration reward per account. A pre-registration reward is delivere when the game is installed. Valid in participating countries only. Offer not valid in countries where the game is not distributer by the developer or was already available for installation. Offer not valid through third-party websites. Age restrictions apply.

To receive the pre-registration reward, you must be log into the Play Store with the same Google account that you used to pre-register for the game when you open the game for the first time.” The main prizes still stand to be the same, which means that GARENA Free Fire MAX will be prominently offering players an optimize Free Fire experience with exclusive graphics and a customizable in-game map feature. Players will also enjoy the same content and gameplay as Free Fire, including more maps that will run parallel to real-life, more immersive gameplay, and some Free Fire MAX exclusive features.

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Cyber Max loot box free fire Max

Free Fire MAX will blast off with complete integrity Free Fire

Through the Fire-link function, Free Fire MAX will blast off with complete integrity Free Fire. This will enable gamers to use the same existing Free Fire account to log in to Free Fire MAX, synchronize all data, including account progress and in-game items in both applications, and play all game modes with all Free Fire players, regardless of the application they will be using. A combat mode gameplay with Ultra HD resolution and immersive effects. The objective remains the same – To be the Last man standing, that is, To be the Only Survivor on the concerned map! [Please read and refer to the quoted note by GARENA] All the conditions put in are quite simple if you did not plan any tomfoolery or plans of deceit or tried to find loops.

Free Fire Max Officially released

What they have exactly said is to explain in simple words. First of all, pre-register only at the given time. Any registration after the mentione time will not be considered at all. Only per one valid and real account, the reward will be entitle to that. Gamers will receive their prizes only after the GARENA Free Fire MAX gaming application is officially release. Any torrent site downloads will not lead you to valid and actual rewards. Also, all of these conditions apply to only the players who reside in the participating countries.

Free Fire Max Prizes

Prizes will not be entitled to gamers from countries where no official version of GARENA Free Fire MAX. Distributer or where it already has been made available. Also, the prizes are only to be claim through the official websites and not through any other websites. The age limit rules put up by GARENA will apply to all gamers who will be pre-registering.

And the most important rule or condition. Of them, all is that the email you used to pre-register yourself on Google Play Store. It should also be the one that you should use while operating GARENA Free Fire MAX. Because otherwise, the game will not recognize you and match you with your data. And even if you achieve a ton of invites, everything shall be waster due to a simple and small and silly mistake as such. The algorithm regarding conditional rewards is susceptible, so always be careful.

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