Will Smith is officially Available in Fortnite

Will smith Fortnite: Will Smith is a famous actor from the united states of America. He has done many films and is popular worldwide. He has a huge fan base. And the fans are crazy for him.

Fortnite is the most popular pc game and they also have a huge player base. This time the Fortnite has collaborated with the actor will smith for a new character skin in their game.

In this article, we would provide the information in a detailed way on what is the release date, how to claim it, and many other things. So that you must read the whole article to know all the information about this skin in Fortnite.

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Will smith Fortnite

Players of the Fortnite game are eagerly waiting for this will smith skin in Fortnite. As there are many fans of will smith worldwide. This skin of will smith in Fortnite is inspired by his movie bad boy. In that movie, he plays the role of detective in the Miami police. This movie was released 26 years ago.

The Release Date for will Smith Skin

The release date for this will smith skin in Fortnite is august 28 2021.

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How to Unlock the will Smith Fortnite Skin

To will smith skin in Fortnite would be adding to the item shop. All the players could buy the will smith skin in Fortnite with their v-bucks. (V-bucks is an in-game currency to purchase something from the item shop.) For v-bucks you have to purchase them with real cash through online modes of payment such as debit cards, credit cards, etc.

Other Skins and Emotes in Fortnite

In some past days, there was the release of wonder woman skin in Fortnite. And the players of this Fortnite game were eagerly waiting for this character of marvel’s wonder woman skin in Fortnite.

The is a release of a new bim bam boom emotes in this Fortnite game. You could purchase this emote from the item shop with your v-bucks.

There was also a release of among us imposter mode in the Fortnite game. There was a collaboration of among us and Fortnite to play this among us game inside the cafe in the Fortnite game.


In this article we have covered a piece of detailed information on the will smith skin in Fortnite, its release date, wonder woman skin, bim bam boom emote, among us mode inside the game.

The latest update in Fortnite is 17.40. And many skins like wonder woman, among us mode, were included in this update 17.40 of the Fortnite game.

We hope that you may have liked our article as we cover each and every topic in a very detailed way to give the best and accurate information as early as possible.

Thank you for seeing our article.

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