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{Guide} Hit Players with Famas 80 Time in Classic In BGMI

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Hit Players with Famas 80 Time in Classic In BGMI: The BGMI game is one of the most famous and playable android game all over India. The BGMI game is only available in India and not globally. In past, there was pubg which was banned by the Indian government. So the bgmi developers krafton made a special game only for bgmi known as battlegrounds mobile India (BGMI).

As bgmi has a huge player base. They have to keep on updating BGMI game, fix the bugs, add some new skins of characters, weapons, cars, bags, and other more things.

Hit Players with Famas 80 Time in Classic In PUBG Mobile

In the current royal pass, there is a mission in and that is Hit players with Famas bgmi. In this article, we are going to describe in a detailed way how to complete that mission and receive the exclusive rewards of it. Must read the whole article and do not miss anything to read to complete the whole mission.

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Hit Players with Famas 80 Time in Classic In BGMI

To complete this Hit player with Famas bgmi mission you have to play in the livik map in the game. There is a famas gun on that map and with the help of it. It’s possible to complete the Hit players with Famas bgmi mission.

When you enter the livik map in the BGMI game you could land anywhere in the whole of that map. Then you have to search for the loot. By searching for the loot you could easily get that famas gun. As there are more players to complete the mission of Hit players with Famas gun in bgmi the amount of famas gun in the whole of livik map has been increased.

After you get that famas gun you have to hit 80 ammo of the gun to the enemy. Though the enemy could be the same or different. The mission is just to hit the 80 ammo of the gun to enemies.

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Don’t believe in the rumors about the mission:

There are rumors that to complete the Hit players with Famas in BGMI Paytm you have to kill 80 enemies but it is totally fake. You just have to hit the 80 ammo of that famas gun to the enemies to complete that mission.

In this way, you can complete the Hit players with Famas in bgmi and receive all the possible rewards in the mission. This mission is super easy to complete.


Is Bgmi a free game?

Yes, PUBG is absolutely free and is available on the google play store of India. If you want to buy the royal pass for some additional benefits such as weapon skins, character skins, etc in the bgmi game. Then you would have to buy them with real cash by the online payment mode such as debit and credit cards.


In this article, we covered a piece of detailed information on how to complete the Hit players with Famas bgmi mission and receive the rewards. We believe that you may like our article. And you may get happy with all the detailed information we have provided to you.

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