Free Fire Max System Requirements | Complete Details

Free fire max system requirements: free fire is one of the most loving game all over the world and in India mostly among young teenagers. Now free fire is upgrading to a new version of their free fire game. They have named this newer version as free fire max.

As there is a newer version of the free fire so the system requirements also may increase. So in this article we would cover free fire max system requirements.

This free fire max would provide a complete different experience to the players. This free fire max would released in a beta version. This max version would have improved sound effects, animations, graphics, and many more things.

Free fire max system requirements
Free fire max device required

Free Fire Max System Requirements

This Free fire max requirement would support both the android as well as ios devices for the players to play free fire max in India.

The Free fire max minimum required to play free fire max in android. As well as ios devices, is as below:

In android, the player Free fire max system requirements are you must have a phone with 2gb of ram, free space of up to 2.5 gb in the internal storage, and the android version must be 4.4 or above than this.

For ios players, the Free fire max system requirement is you must have a iPhone 6s or above that but not compatible with the iphones lower than 6s. And in ios devices the players must have 3gb of internal storage in their device. And the version must be ios 11 or above than that.

Free fire max system requirements
Free fire max device required


From when the pre registrations for free fire max would start in India?

It is assumed that the pre-registrations for free fire max would start on August 29, 2021.

What are the special features of free fire max?

Several players are waiting for the free fire max as it would have new features, characters or may be skins. So playing with new things would provide a different and good gaming experience to the players of free fire. The main special feature of free fire max is 360 Degree lobby and the craft land.

The game has also came up with a fire link technology that would the players of the free fire max game to save their items in between of the titles in free fire max.

Would free fire max come in the official version?

No, the free fire max would not come in its official version as it is going through its beta mode so that players could enjoy the new free fire max and provide the feedback. So that the game developers could improve the gaming experience for the players to play the free fir max game.


In this article we have covered information about various topics in the detail such as the free fire max game overview, its system requirements, some faqs about pre-registrations in India some of  the special features of the game as well as about its beta mode.

We hope you liked this article as we have covered a piece of detailed information on the minimum system requirements to play free fire max in android and ios devices.




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