New Zapotron Weapon in the fortnite update

New Zapotron Weapon in the fortnite update: Zavotron is the name of a Weapon which is found in Fortnite game in New Update, this game is more fun and people like it so some updates have been done in it

New Zapotron Weapon in the fortnite update
New Zapotron Weapon in the fortnite update


How can you use Zapotron Weapon in fortnite

1. You have to take the first entry in the game, then go to the skin icon and select the skin

Note :- You can select any type of style

After selecting 2 skin, you will see the icon of Imposter Public, you have to select it

3. You have to wait for a short time after that your assignment will be complete and you will get 2 impostors and your match will start

4. You can use many tools during the battle like spray so that you can make the battle more fun

5. After all this you have to vote for the skin and lock the vote

6. After all this you have to go ahead then come to Pally mode after that you have to stop you will get useful tools like cube, captain america armor and infidenari blade

Fragment Reported

1. Now you have to go inside Agent John’s room and you will see a box which is Super Entry game, you will see the photo of it

2. That photo will be a map called the Grant Fortnite Map, in which you will see Johns in different places.

3. That Grant Fortnite Map Will Show You Many New Things To Help You In Season 8


How to get Zapotron

1. You have to go to the left side of the Grant Fortnite map, you will see Zapotron in a room

Note: – You can use the Zapotron in Ghost Mode.

2. Go to the Zapotron area and open the emotes by bringing it to touch on the indicated option

3. You have to break the security of that room only then you will be able to get the Zapotron or else you will be eliminated

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