Balisong- New Butterfly Knife in Valorant 3.04 Update

Balisong- New Butterfly knife in valorant: The most loving game valorant is still developing by the riot games. Valorant is a pc game. In this valorant game, the developers add new maps, agents, bundles, and many more.

This time they have come up with a butterfly knife. This butterfly knife skin is a Balisong. For this Balisong butterfly knife, the players of this game were waiting for such a long time.

Balisong- New Butterfly knife in valorant

Balisong- New Butterfly knife in Valorant

This Balisong is included in the new recon skin bundle.

The players of valorant were most excited for the Balisong- Butterfly knife in valorant as it has an incredible look. In the new recon, skin bundle weapons also have different colours. The camouflage includes three types of different colours: red, green, and blue.

And the Balisong- Butterfly knife in valorant is also of the above colours: red, blue, green.

The new Balisong: Butterfly knife in valorant has two levels and three variants for the new bitterly knife. The levels and variants for this Balisong- Butterfly knife in valorant are: level 1 is a custom model, the level 2 is custom animations and audio. Variant 1 is red colour camouflage. Variant two is blue colour camouflage, and the 3rd variant is green colour camouflage.

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Recon Weapon Skin Bundle

This recon skin bundle has a military design, and it looks attractive so that players are demanding the recon skin bundle. And they are much happy as it has already arrived.

The new recon skin bundle in the valorant includes five weapon skins. The weapons are guardian, spectre, phantom, ghost, Balisong (Butterfly melee knife).

valorant Recon Weapon Skin Bundle
valorant Recon Weapon Skin Bundle

The price for this amazing recon skin bundle, including Balisong- Butterfly knife, is 7100 VP. And this price also includes level 3 and level 4 variants.

All of these cosmetics do not change your gameplay. And this new recon skin bundle, including Balisong- Butterfly knife, is about to release on the date of August 24, 2021.

Gun Levels

The are various gun levels in the recon skin bundle: level 1 is custom model, the 2nd level is randomized for side attachments, the 3rd level includes randomized bottom attachments, the 4th level is kill banner.

Valorant Update 3.04

This new recon skin bundle includes one of the latest updates. This patch of 3.04 is a new update. It fixes bugs and introduces us to this new recon skin bundle, including the most awaited Butterfly knife in valorant. This update would surely increase the enjoyment and satisfaction of playing the game for the players of the valorant game.

In this article, we have covered a piece of detailed information on the overview of valorant. The new recon skin bundles its weapon skins and their colours, the Balisong- Butterfly knife in valorant its levels and its variants, update of 3.04 in the valorant game. We hope you may like this article.

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