How to Get Free Silver Fragments in BGMI

How to Get Free Silver Fragments in BGMI: BGMI is the Indian version of PUBG Mobile. Both BGMI and PUBG Mobile are the same irrespective of their name. In this article, we will discuss how you can get Silver fragments in BGMI.

Silver fragments in BGMI is a unique free currency. BGMI has types of currency which include BP, Silver fragments, and UC. Both BP and silver fragments are available free to every player in BGMI. UC in BGMI is only available with real money.

However, Silver fragments and BP are not free. You have to complete many challenges, events, synergies and others in BGMI game missions.

How to Get Free Silver Fragments in BGMI

Let’s discuss how you will get silver fragments in BGMI.

How to Get Silver Fragments in BGMI

There are many ways in BGMI to get silver fragments. Many players do not care about BP and Silver fragments currency. They mainly focus on UC. But you can purchase many items, including Parachutes, outfits, skins, helmet skins, Bag skins and many more with Silver fragments.

The most liked thing about silver fragments is that these do not require your luck.

If you want to purchase something with silver fragments, click on that material, and you will get that thing with some amount of silver fragments. While purchasing something with Silver fragments, BGM gives you an option of temporarily and permanently purchasing that item.

Temporary item purchasing with Silver fragment require fewer Silver fragments, while permanently items require more silver fragments.

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By Reaching Higher Tier in BGMI

The most quantity of silver fragments available to the player at the start of the new season. BGMI has fixed the number of silver fragments to the player by their highest tier in the previous season. Players will surely get silver fragments at the start of the new season, provided they achieve an excellent Tier in the previous season.

 Here is the list of Silver fragments you will get in different tiers.

  • Bronze: 200 Silver fragments
  • Silver: 400 Silver .fragments
  • Gold: 600 Silver fragments
  • Platinum: 800 Silver fragments
  • Diamond: 1000 Silver fragments
  • Crown: 1300 Silver fragments
  • Ace: 1600 Silver fragments
  • Conqueror: 2000 Silver fragments

By opening Soldiers Crate

BP requires opening a Soldier crate. By opening a Soldier crate, there are many chances that you will get silver fragments. The only bad thing about the soldier crate is the crate opening start with 700 BP and will require double BP if you open the crate again. It will reach about 7000 BP.

But by opening the soldier crate with BP, you will surely get some silver fragments.

Purchase Silver fragments in BP Shop

Purchasing silver coins in a BP shop is another method. However, BGMI set the limit, and you can only purchase 25 silver coins per day. Each silver fragment costs you 200 BP coins. So, you need to pay 5000 BP for a total of 25 silver coins.

Also, the most easily available currency is BP. You can easily get it by completing daily challenges. Also, you can activate double BP gain, in which you get double BP.

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By Complete Missions and Synergy build Up, You can get Silver fragments by completing daily challenges and missions in BGMI. Also, there is a huge chance of getting these coins by playing with your old friends and those friends which you have good synergy and had a connection.

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