Deal Damage by Using Suppressed Weapons in Fortnite

Deal Damage by Using Suppressed Weapons: Fortnite, there are Quests and Challenges so that players, while completing them, earn loads of XP. Epic recently drop Quests on Thursday, while Legendary Quests drop its preceding day.

This time Epic drop a quest in which players have to deal damage by using suppressed weapons. Currently, Fortnite is undergoing Season 7, Week 11.

This article shows you how to deal with damage using suppressed weapons in Fortnite Season 7, Week 11. We recommend some locations so that our users will complete this quest to deal damage by using suppressed weapons.

Also, if players have BP in Fortnite, they can easily unlock new cosmetics by completing challenges and quests.

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Suppressed Weapons In Fortnite

A weapon is suppressed in Fortnite, which is known by the Weapon title. In Fortnite, there is a large quantity of suppressed weapons. However, it is not difficult to find them. Fortnite Suppressed weapons are readily available in locations like IO chests, regular chests on the ground.

Many players also find suppressed weapons inside the chests in the Mothership. Suppressed weapons are essential in actual life combat as well as in-game combat. You can quickly eliminate your enemy by being spotted.

Suppressed weapons are not available anywhere on the map, but this doesn’t mean that they are challenging to find. We have recommended you some locations on the map where you can find these Suppressed weapons.

A Suppressed weapon maybe a sniper rifle, pistol, shotgun, an assault rifle. The only thing which distinguishes a suppressed weapon from an ordinary weapon is that suppressed weapon has a weapon title named “Suppressed.” Any Pistol, assault rifle, or sniper rifle will have the title “Suppressed” in front of it, then it is a suppressed weapon.

This is the easiest way to remember whether a weapon is suppressed or not.

Deal Damage by Using Suppressed Weapons in Fortnite

How To Deal Damage with Suppressed Weapons

The damage of suppressed weapons is the same as that of ordinary guns, provided which gun you have chosen. Players in Fortnite will merely use the suppressed weapons to fight with other players in-game.

Completing the challenge requires players to deal 1000 damage in Fortnite Season 7, week 11, with suppressed weapons. However, there are slightly easier ways to do.

Soe tricks and methods we discuss so that players will easily complete this challenge. If players directly attack the IO guards or the Trespassers which is enemy NPCs, then damage can still count in quest completion of Fortnite.

Thirdly, Fortnite trespassers alien invasion Shoot down the saucers, and also the aliens will kick off of it. Ensure to use the suppressed weapons once trying to deal damage. The Trespassers can use Kymera ray guns, thus watch out for going against those.

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