Deal Damage in Alien Biomes in Fortnite Week 11 Quest

In this article we would cover how to deal with damage in alien biomes Fortnite Week 11. What are alien biomes, where do they locate, etc.

To deal damage in alien biomes is a quest of week 11 challenges of one of the most popular and much-played computer games “Fortnite”.

What are alien biomes

Alien biomes are tiny areas with aliens inside and purple coloured cubes with lightning inside them. They are generally found in low gravity areas such as holly hedges also known as holly hatchery.

Deal damage in alien biomes in Fortnite

How to deal with damage in alien biomes:

To Deal damage in alien biomes as we said above holly hatchery is the best place to find them and deal damage in alien biomes. On the west side, there is a hedge estate in which many alien trespassers are there.

You do not need an enemy player so if you deal with trespassers then. It’s could also complete your deal damage in alien biomes quest Fortnite week 11 challenge.

When a parasite is getting attach you now search for your weapon safely. When you get a gun remember to shoot them in the low gravity areas so as you could Deal damage in alien biomes.

You could also deal damage with a suppressed weapon so that your 2 challenges can be completed at the same time. Players can complete these challenges before the end of season 7 and could have below shown rewards.

Rewards by completing Deal damage in alien biomes

By completing this Deal damage in alien biomes you could receive 30000 XP you could also earn a superman skin and its accessories. As there are people who are a die-hard fan of superman are eagerly waiting to get this superman skin by completing this epic quest in most popular computer game Fortnite.

17.40 update Fortnite

Wonder woman skin Fortnite

Fortnite fans are eagerly waiting for wonder woman’s skin as there are some leaks of wonder woman. Fortnite’s collaboration to make wonder woman’s skin in Fortnite. There are some criteria to get this wonderful wonder woman skin in fortnite.

As there are many marvel movies fans in this world and they are also eagerly waiting to play Fortnite with wonder woman skin.

Among us in Fortnite

Another update in Fortnite is about the among us game. There is a crossover of among us x Fortnite and as the among us game is in the hype. When it is including in Fortnite new update it would be much more fun to play Fortnite. It is assumed that the among us game would be played in a cafe made in Fortnite.


Are there any changes in the maps of Fortnite?

Yes there is a change in the coral castle map of Fortnite and this map would be devastating and instead of that. There is the addition of a new underground poi.

In this article, we covered a lot of information on Deal damage in alien biomes, Fortnite 17. 40 update, wonder woman skin, among us, and some faqs. We hope you loved our information and may read other articles to get more information.

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