Catch Fish At fishing Holes Fortnite Quest Week 11

Catch Fish at Fishing Holes in Fortnite

Catch Fish At fishing Holes Fortnite: For Season 7, Week 11, new Legendary Quests have appeared in Fortnite, one of which demands players to catch five fish at fishing holes Fortnite.

The alien invasion-themed season of Fortnite is already in its 11th week and is nearing completion. In the popular battle royale game, however, there are still various obstacles and quests to fulfil.

Catch Fish At fishing Holes Fortnite
Catch Fish At fishing Holes Fortnite

One of the Legendary Quests for Season 7, Week 11 that has recently been release challenges Fortnite players to capture a total of five fish at fishing holes in Fortnite.

While hovering over the task will not reveal where to find fishing holes. This tutorial will provide users with a simple approach to complete the challenge and receive 45,0000 experience points.

To catch fish at fishing holes, you need to find a fishing rod.

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Where to find a Fishing Rod

Players must first obtain a fishing rod before going fishing at a fishing hole. You can Fishing rods that we can rarely find in treasure boxes.

However, they can be found in barrels at many of Fortnite’s homes near a body of water.

There is one site in particular where players can locate a fishing rod and many fishing spots if they want to finish this mission quickly.

Fortnite players will locate a little island with the Unremarkable Shack to the west of the Craggy Cliffs point of interest. Outside the hut, players will locate a barrel with a fishing pole.

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How to Catch Fish at Fishing Holes in Fortnite

Players should walk around the island’s perimeter and look for groups of fish once they have the fishing rod equipped and ready to go.

There will be a ripple effect in the water, and players should aim their fishing rods in that direction.

They can pull the fishing rod out of the water if they hit the appropriate area and have a chance of catching a fish or a rare weapon or item if they strike the right spot.

The Fortnite task requires players to capture five fish to fulfil it, fortunately, because the fishing rod has endless uses.

Players can use it for as long as they want. Players should be careful, though, of hostile players who may descend onto the same island.

Catch Fish At fishing Holes Fortnite
Catch Fish At fishing Holes Fortnite

While searching for the site, players can also locate one of the Alien Artifacts beneath a cabin on the island’s southern edge.

Five of them are introduced to the Fortnite map every week and can be utilized to unlock new fashions for the alien Kymera skin.

Fishing is, as previously states, both enjoyable and simple. Given that there are over 200 fishing holes on the island. And fishing rods can be found near most of them. Players should have a little issue catching five fish.

Where to Catch Fish at Fishing Holes in Fortnite

While the island has several fishing holes, some are safer than others due to their isolation or location outside the island.

Fishing can be done at the following sites if you want to finish this Legendary challenge without interruption:

  1. Shipwreck Cove (Northeast of Catty Corner)
  2. Bob’s Bluff (Northeast of Steamy Stacks)
  3. Unremarkable Shack (East of Craggy Cliffs)
  4. Rainbow Rentals (Southwest of Holly Hatchery)
  5. Shanty Town (East of Slurpy Swamp)
  6. Lumber Lodge (South of Misty Meadows)
  7. Camp Cod (South of Catty Corner)

And the most important thing is that enjoy playing the game this missions will come and go.

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