Free Fire Anniversary Quiz Event | All Details

Free Fire Anniversary Quiz Event: Free Fire launches a new Event on the eve of Free Fire’s 4th Anniversary. In this Free Fire Event, many Events are going to happen.

However, FF Anniversary Quiz Event is the most loved one. The Free Fire Anniversary Quiz started on August 20 and ends on August 29.

Free Fire Anniversary Quiz Event
FF Anniversary Quiz Event

It seems that on the date of Free Fire’s 4th Anniversary, Garena will do some big. Likewise, in previous Events of Free Fire, Garena openly gave its players rewards, skins, and other gifts.

It is like the same happening this time also. The Events which are going to happen on the eve of Free Fire 4th Anniversary are as follows.

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Various Events During Free Fire 4th Anniversary

Here, we discuss dates of various Events that are going to be schedule during Free Fire 4th Anniversary.

  1. 4th Anniversary Party (August 20 – September 5)
  2. Lone Wolf Mode Opens (August 20 – August 29)
  3. Login 7 days (August 23 – September 1)
  4. Complete Missions (August 20 – September 5)
  5. Exchange Tokens (August 28 – September 5)
  6. Anniversary Quiz (August 20 – August 29)
  7. After Match Drop – 4x only on August 28 (August 20 – September 5)
  8. Booyah Now! (August 28 – September 5)
  9. Login for Free Character (August 28)
  10. CS Cup Challenge 1.0 (August 28)
  11. Play to get Cube Fragment (August 28)

Free Fire Anniversary Quiz Event

Free Fire is announcing a Free Fire Anniversary Quiz Event, While celebrating its 4th Anniversary.

Garena Free Fire is participating in the Open in the game’s 4th Anniversary Celebration. This Event includes various events, prizes, in-game giveaways, and redemption codes.

Between these Events, and Event name FF Anniversary Quiz is also schedules. Free Fire Anniversary Quiz will start on August 20 and ends on August 29.

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What Can be Except FF Anniversary Quiz

During Free Fire Anniversary Quiz Event, many players believe that Garena plans to give away the character Thiva. This Skin in Free Fire will be given away for free during anniversary celebrations on August 28, 2021.

We say this because the leaked calendar indicated that Thiva would be given away.

Bundles of Parachutes, skins, cosmetics, and Magic Cube Fragments are also said to be given during Free Fire Anniversary Quiz Event.

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Free Fire’s 4th Anniversary

Free Fire’s 4th Anniversary will be held at the end of this month. Garena announced the 4th Anniversary of Free Fire, August 28, 2021.

Let’s see how the wedding anniversary celebration goes. India 4th Anniversary Revelation: Event Details, Bonuses, and More.

Free Fire always offers new events, bonuses, gifts, and exciting things for players and fans. Free Fire hosts a memorial program to commemorate the Anniversary each year.

The Free Fire Anniversary Event offers various in-game events, prizes, gifts, and also redeemable tokens.

Free Fire players are looking forward to participating in this Event to win great prizes and stuff. Garena recently released OB29 patch notes along with an anniversary event update.

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