New World – Top 8 Tips For Beginner

New World – Top Beginner 8 Tips to go ahead

New World Top 8 Tips For Beginner: The New World has arrived, and you are most likely only getting started in Aeternum. Crafting, collecting, questing, and PVP are just a few of the activities available in this new MMO. Today, I’ll go over my New World top 8 tips starting recommendations so you may move ahead of your company and be the best in class.

Today, I’ll go through leveling, quest guides, crafting, choosing the correct build, and combat, among other things. This is beginning information, so it’ll come in handy if you’re new to the game or curious about what New World is all about. This is an excellent place to begin.

New World Top 8 Tips For Beginner
New World Top 8 Tips For Beginner

We’re now in Closed Beta, with the final launch scheduled for August 31st, 2021. Though I doubt much will change between now and then.

Now Following are Few Tips for Beginners For New World

Tip-1: Level up fast

Much like in other MMOs, you’ll want to familiarise yourself with the leveling system and get climbing those levels as quickly as possible so you can get to the most outstanding areas of the game and acquire the best stuff.

I did write a guide on how to level up rapidly. Which you can find here, but here are the fundamentals of fast leveling in the New World.

Build for mobility and range – The Hatchet and the Bow combination will be instrumental in the game. The Hatchet provides mobility benefits, and keeping things at the range will allow you to complete tasks faster.

Fast travel – Make use of your camp and respawn to fulfill objectives quickly. Use the respawn feature to reduce the amount of time you have to travel, and don’t worry too much about your gear in the early game because it will be replaced regardless.

Use the fast travel points from the Inns in the Settlements to explore the area and find as many Azoth Shrines as possible.

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Tip-2: Level up crafting skills

In New World, one of the core gameplay loops is crafting. Ideally, it would help if you spent the first few hours and days of New World building up your crafting skill trees as much as possible. As this will benefit you later on when you can sell your manufactured stuff for gold (the main currency in New World).

If you can specialize in a craft early in the game and the market favors you, you may be able to hit it big and make a lot of money by exchanging your manufactured goods.

Weaving, Smelting, Logging, and Mining are all part of the crafting skill tree. Try to level up your crafting talents alongside your usual level when you’re doing these early quests and leveling up quickly, and you’ll enjoy the advantages later in the game.

Tip-3: Complete the right quests

When you first begin the game, you will choose from four starting locations: First Light, Windward, Monarch’s Bluff, or Everfall. Getting a big XP boost by completing the early quests.

Unfortunately, the enemy count in the beginning areas is disproportionately high. Because the most straightforward foes may be located below in First Light. It’s a good idea to go down there and complete quests.

In addition to the main story quests, Town Project quests are particularly useful for XP, which can help you level up faster. This may entail chores such as slaughtering 15 wolves or sheep or gathering resources. Faction quests are also worthwhile to complete, and they can be completed rapidly.

Look for combinations of faction quests and town project tasks and complete overlapping objectives to gain additional XP. Combine this with fast travel to reduce the time it takes to return and turn in missions

Ideally, it would be best you work as quickly as possible to get into Expeditions. Expeditions are the dungeons of the New World. Amrine Expedition is the first one, and it may be found at level 24.

Tip-4: Understand factions and territory

The Marauders, The Covenant, and The Syndicate are the three groups in New World. Apart from the decorative elements and the lore, there isn’t much of a distinction between them.

However, choosing a faction is an essential step in New World, and you should choose one that is suited for you. If you play with buddies, you’ll want to be in the same faction. On any given server, factions have the power to govern, raise taxes, and subjugate lesser factions.

Amazon has already stated that they have mechanisms to ensure that one faction does not have too much control over a server. So it will be fascinating to see how that plays out.

A faction can fight over and seize much of the land in the New World. The PVP portion of the game is one of its most essential features.

To become the dominant faction on Aeternum, factions will fight over land, territory, and control. If a party wins a war and gains control of the territory, the winning faction can determine tax rates, awards, and projects.

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Tip-5: Understand combat

New World is classless, so you don’t have to be a healer or a tank to play. You’ll probably want to specialize towards the endgame, but in the early game, when you’re leveling, it’s best to keep things open and try out a few different combat methods.

Because there are no traditional MMO classes, you can play around with different builds by mixing and matching weapons and gear.

It’s best to optimize for speed in the early game because you’ll need to gather, kill, craft, and travel swiftly to complete tasks on time. You’ll want to level up your weapons and stuff as you proceed to ensure that you’re ready to tackle the Expedition content as soon as possible.

Tip-6: Understand weapons

As you use weapons, you will earn points that you can use to unlock upgrades and bonuses on your weapon skill trees.

Again, the Hatchet is fantastic because it allows you to adjust for both speed and range. On the other hand, the Fire Staff has a good range and does a lot of AOE damage.

In New World, you can only employ two weapons at a time while carrying a large number of others in your inventory. You have a primary and secondary slot to employ a Sword and Musket or a Bow and Hatchet combination.

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Tip-7: Understand builds

There are a lot of options, so test them out and see what works best for you. Then level up those weapons so you can use them in the endgame. You’ll be able to enhance your weaponry with gems as you continue through the game.

Gems can either improve a specific mastery skill or provide additional benefits. Later in the game, higher-tier weapons have more Gem slots, allowing for more potent bonuses.

Tip-8: Enjoy the game

This is the most important tip from the above tips. If you enjoy playing the game, you will love to play the game, and eventually, you can become a pro.

That’s it for the top 8 beginner tips for New World.

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