Fortnite Week 11 Alien Artifact Locations

Fortnite Alien Artifacts Week 11 Locations

Fortnite Week 11 Alien Artifact Locations: Alien Artifacts are a new resource currency that may be collect during battles in Fortnite Season 7. You can earn alien relics at specific areas across the island or within cosmic chests during each match in Season 7. When you’ve accumulated enough, you’ll be able to invest them in Kymera, a new programmable foreign character. It’s worth noting that while Alien Artifacts were available on Tuesdays at the start of the season, they’re now available on Thursdays alongside Epic Quests.

Fortnite Week 11 Alien Artifact Locations
Fortnite Week 11 Alien Artifact Locations

How to Get Alien Artifacts Fortnite Week 11

In Fortnite, there are two main ways to collect alien artifacts:

  • Inside the cosmic chest, which is floating objects that contain a chest inside
  • Set locations on the map

Make a swift stop if you see a flying rhombus-shaped object on your expeditions since it’s a sign of cosmic chess. To open it, you’ll need to give all hit points with your pickaxe. If you keep doing this, it will at last break and play an animation before unlocking the chest. Alien treasures, like gold bars, aren’t a sure thing. But keeping an eye out for cosmic chests is usually a good idea.

It’s worth mentioning that various restrictions apply to cosmic chests. According to a Reddit thread made by Suspects Down, there may be a weekly cap of 15 Alien Fragments. Furthermore, the purple Alien Artifacts you can locate all give you four artifacts, but there appears to be a golden variety that gives you seven artifacts, which could arrive later in the season. There are Alien Artifact locations that come out in the open, as well as a cosmic chest, and are assure ways to get your hands on them every week.

Alien Artifact Fortnite Week 11 locations

A new shipment of Alien Artifacts has arrived. You can get them at the following locations:

Fortnite Week 11 Alien Artifact Locations
Fortnite Week 11 Alien Artifact Locations

The first may be found in Destined Dish, the IO base southeast of Misty Meadows, inside a light-blue container. It’s directly across from the main entrance. Instead of leaving the area, go all the way up the mountain to Weather Station. Behind the home, there’s an object hidden beneath the panels. Another one can be found southeast of Weeping Woods, right off the highway (in between three trees). It’s on the opposite side of the large boulder in the southeastern corner of the specified location for extra reference. Remember the location west of Slurpy Swamp, known as Shanty Town?

If you go down the center structure’s steps, you can find an artifact around the water level (the middle one aligned east when looking at the map). The last one is on Sharky Shell, the island to the north of Coral Castle. The item can be found on ground level if you look for the broken elevator.

What can you spend Alien Artifacts Fortnite week 11 on in Fortnite?

The new resource may be use to customize Kymera, a new battle pass exclusive alien character with a variety of pieces that can be purchase. All of these cosmetic options are only available through alien artifacts, and the prices range from 2 to roughly 17 for the most expensive. You can alter Kymera’s head from top to bottom, as well as her eyes, skin color, and other features. As you might guess, you receive no practical edge in the game because it’s entirely ornamental. However, it’s a terrific chance to channel your inner Sims fan and customize the wardrobe to your satisfaction.