BGMI C1S2 M2 Royal Pass Rewards Leaks

What is a BGMI C1S2 M2 Royal Pass?

BGMI C1S2 M2 Royal Pass Leaks: A Royal Pass in BGMI or the other version of PUBG is the primary way for players to induce rewards within the game. And Royal Pass Points will be obtained by finishing Royal Pass Daily Missions and Challenge Missions to extend the rank.

Also, the Elite Pass holders can have access to Elite Missions to rank up quicker. To obtain an Elite Pass, you’ve got to shop for it with UC or called Unknown money.

Additionally, to be said, there’s also a free pass for all the players who have upgraded from the previous season.

Through the Royal Pass and it’s also free for the Elite Pass and Elite Pass plus pass holders, and every one of these Pass’s has its gift offers and upgrades.

4 Reasons Why Folks get The BGMI C1S2 M2 Royal Pass: Is It well worth the Money to Buy the BGMI C1S2 M2 Royal Pass?

  •  Showing support for the developers by buying BGMI C1S2 M2 Royal Pass
  • Paying cash for entertainment isn’t one thing new.
  • If you’ll pay to observe a moving picture, that is simply a pair of hours of diversion. You’ll pay to support the developers in PUBG Mobile, which might give you many hours. This is often an excellent way to show some feeling toward the awful game for a few individuals.
  •  The collector: some folks are similar to just like all the things that they’re not unlikely to touch quite some times.
  • This is often one among the pitfalls for collection cosmetics in gaming recreation – pumping cash into PUBG Mobile may become a habit, with a brand new Royal Pass releases each month.
  • Showing off your wealth by purchasing BGMI C1S2 M2 Royal Pass Leaks:
  • The conception of premium gamers is truly pretty deep among the recreation communities in India.
  • Shopping for the Royal Pass or its Elite version is undoubtedly a critical issue to show off.
  • Rather than grinding, some individuals will get themselves into the costume on the first day of playing.
  • Peer pressure to buy BGMI C1S2 M2 Royal Pass
  • PUBG Mobile is commonly playing with friends and other people you recognize within the Indian gaming community.
  • And once all of your friends have the Pass, you may be convince to shop for it too.

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Leak Rewards from BGMI C1S2 M2 Royal Pass:

Rank 1 in BGMI Royal Pass

Marine Predator Set (Image via Stan GO YT)

Players get Marine Predator Set outfit and Marine marauder uzi skin at level one once they purchase C1S2 Royal Pass.

At Rank 10 in BGMI Royal Pass

BGMI C1S2 M2 Royale Pass Rewards Leaks
(Image via Stan GO YT)

RP holders get the Lapis Barrier backpack at Level ten including the Project T theme.

Rank 20 in BGMI Royal Pass

Elite Royal Pass players get a Marine marauder aeroplane after they reach RP level twenty in C1S2.

At Rank 30 in BGMI Royal Pass

Two rewards at Royal Pass tier thirty known as Marine marauder emote.

Marine marauder bomb skin alongside a free sixty UC voucher.

Rank 40 in BGMI Royal Pass

Players who have an elite pass will get elegant ‘Marine marauder M24’ skin at level forty.

At Rank 50 in BGMI Royal Pass

In the last tier, players who have an elite pass will treat have Mythic outfit & headgear of C1S2 Royal Pass covered with Marine marauder Set & Marine marauder Headgear.

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