BGMI Update 1.6 Release Date, Rewards and Features

BGMI Update 1.6 Release Date

The future version BGMI update 1.6 Release Date, Rewards, Features, and PUBG Mobile might come back between August fourteenth and twentieth. It means PUBG Mobile and BGMI players will expertise the new BGMI update 1.6 release date next week. To earn engaging rewards, try and complete all action missions of the previous event or game mode before it’s off from the game.

Pubg Mobile 1.6 Update PUBG Mobile and BGMI update 1.6 release date might come next week, between August fourteenth and twentieth.

Besides, the new RP season can arrive right before the release date of the latest edition. The BGMI’s new season date can fall on August thirteenth. From the previous update, the sport has modified the mechanism of Royale Pass. PUBG Mobile and BGMI’s RP are updated monthly rather than every two months like previously.

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BGMI Update 1.6 Rewards Features
BGMI Update 1.6 Rewards Features

New Options In BGMI update 1.6 Release Date

The future version of PUBG Mobile global and BGMI can bring you loads of fascinating options, together with a remastered map.

  • Spaceship

The first and most anticipated feature in BGMI update 1.6 is the space vehicle. The game developers are adding this new flying object to create many futurists, stunning and engaging. However, the space vehicle is out there on the map Erangel. BGMI players can loot loads of excellent provides here. However, it isn’t simple to enter the space vehicle.

Alien InvasionThe theme of the future update is often an alien invasion and space technology.

When you fly over Erangel, you’ll jump and land on this flying platform in Erangel’s sky. however, this new location is a high-risk place. You’ll conjointly enter the space vehicle once looting on the ground by standing beneath its rays. If you wish to exit, jump off the space vehicle and parachute to land.

  • Vikendi 2.0

Another anticipated feature within the future update BGMI update 1.6 release date is the new map Vikendi two.0. This remastered map is a lot of beautiful and realistic than the previous map. Moreover, the game developers appeared to bring the map Vikendi two.0 from the computer version to the present new edition of PUBG Mobile and BGMI.

Vikendi 2.0 is back with a lot of beautiful looks and plenty of new options.

From several leaks, you’ll see the automated trains running round the map. Besides, this snow island has a lot of trees. The Dino Park is additionally remade. Therefore it’s a lot of lovely. Aside from the new Vikendi map, Erangel 2.0 can have two ferry ports on the main island and consequently the Military island. It looks that the game developers conjointly bring the automated ferry from PUBG pc to the present update.

  • New spaceship Story Mode

Like the Godzilla update, the BGMI update 1.6 release date conjointly introduces a brand new cinematic mode. It takes place on the new space vehicle. Players have another likelihood to measure in an action movie regarding the invasion of aliens. Human players can collaborate to clear aliens and Exo robots.

New Story ModeThere could be a new story mode on the new space vehicle in Erangel.

  • Flying Car

The house technology is probably going the theme of BGMI update 1.6 release date aside from the new space vehicle, and the developers conjointly add new flying cars. This futuristic feature is additionally a brand new exclusive vehicle in Erangel. Like the flying motorcycles within the Mission Ignition mode, the flying automobile conjointly flies on top of the bottom; however, its altitude is also restricted.

BGMI 1 .6 Flying CarThe Chinese version conjointly leaks a brand new flying automobile in BGMI and PUBG Mobile’s future update.

  •  Self-Revive Kit

The self-revive kit could be a new item within the PUBG computer Taego update version 12.2. it’ll seem in PUBG Mobile and BGMI 1.6 soon. However, it’s only out there in team modes, like pair and Squad modes. This special kit helps knocked players revive themselves without the assistance of teammates.

Self Revive KitThe self-revive kit within the PUBG computer Taego will seem in BGMI one.6 soon.

Besides, the new update may additionally bring some new guns and a Summer Season mode introduced within the Chinese version of PUBG Mobile.

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BGMI Update 1.6 Release Date Transfer Process

You can transfer the new edition once the official BGMI update 1.6 release date. Visit the official website of Battlegrounds Mobile India and tap on the transfer button. Then, you’ll get the newest version of the game with the most recent content. Or else, you’ll get the latest update from Google Play Store.

Pubg Mobile 1.6You will get the newest version of PUBG Mobile and BGMI 1.6 from the Google Play Store.

PUBG Mobile players will update the new edition on Google Play Store or App Store once the global version is released. It isn’t suggested to transfer the game from third-party suppliers; otherwise, you could also be recognized as an offender. KRAFTON has illegal loads of accounts for cheating. Taking part in this game with a third-party app is additionally acknowledged as a cheat in PUBG Mobile.

BGMI New Season (BGMI update 1.6 release date)

The new season C1S2 in BGMI is released on August thirteenth. The following season’s theme is Project T. it’ll end on September thirteenth. Marine Predator Set is that the themed bundle of this new season. Besides, players also can get the Marine marauder skin of a similar idea for small Uzi and Parachute. Lapis Barrier Backpack is another RP reward that you simply ought to try and acquire.

BGMI Introducing Royale Pass Month 2: Project T

The price and mechanism of BGMI and PUBG Mobile Royale Pass Month two aren’t completely different from BGMI Month one. It still prices players 360UC to 960UC per season for Elite Pass and Elite Pass and. The free pass prices you nothing.

BGMI Update 1.6 Rewards
BGMI Update 1.6 Rewards Features

Let’s wait to expertise the new edition on the BGMI update 1.6 release date within the following week. There are loads of latest options to get pleasure from in this future version.

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