How to Unlock Superman Quests in Fortnite

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Unlock Superman Quests in Fortnite: To clarify, the most recent version of Fortnite’s growth process is far less linear than previous versions. You earn a special currency known as “Battle Stars” instead of unlocking skins, emotes, and gliders at predetermined levels.

You will here know that how to unlock Fortnite Superman Quests.

These Fortnite Superman Quests are being used to redeem whichever things you desire (in any sequence). Allowing you to focus on the cosmetics you really want while ignoring the others.

The battle stars are obtained by leveling up and gathering enough XP’s. Completing tasks, killing Enemy, or just buying V-bucks to boost are all ways to do so.

Unlock Superman Quests in Fortnite

Complete Fortnite Superman Quests in Season 7 to unlock the Superman skin

Here are the steps to complete Fortnite Superman Quests:

To begin the Fortnite Superman Quests in Fortnite Season 7. Players must first complete NPC quests to obtain the basic Clark Kent skin. There are a total of nine quests, with each one coming from Armored Batman, Beast Boy, or Clark Kent. While the Fortnite Superman quests and NPCs have not yet been released and are subject to change, data miners have leaked the following quests and related information.

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Take damage from another player and survive (Beast Boy)

  • In a vehicle, reach a speed of 99 mph (Beast Boy)
  • Make use of a Launchpad (Armored Batman)
  • Fly a saucer (Armored Batman)
  • Visit 3 different named locations (Clark Kent)
  • Visit the Mothership or an Alien Biome (Clark Kent)
  • Defeat the Aliens (Armored Batman, Beast Boy, and Clark Kent)

Completing one of these NPC quests from Beast Boy, Armored Batman, or Clark Kent will grant you access to the Call to Action Emoticon. The Superman Shield Spray can be obtained by completing three NPC quests. Finally, completing five NPC quests will grant access to the Clark Kent base skin.

Players will need to equip the Clark Kent outfit after unlocking it in Fortnite Season 7 to continue with their challenges. The remaining requirements for Fortnite Superman come from Clark Kent itself. In order to earn rewards, players must complete two missions while wearing his or her uniform at Fortnite Superman Quests.

Aside from these challenges, players must also complete several Epic Quests from Season 7, Especially if they want all of the Fortnite Superman Quests including cosmetics in the Shadow style. The other seven Fortnite Superman Quests, as well as the rewards for completing them, are as follows:

As Clark Kent (5): The Daily Planet Back Bling, glide through rings.

Use a phone booth as Clark Kent (1) to perform the Secret Identity Emote, Superman’s Cape Back Bling, and the Clark Kent (Superman) outfit.

Complete Epic Quests (63): Kal-El’s Cape Back Bling

Finish Epic Quests (68): Banner Icon

Finish Epic Quests (73): The Last Son of Krypton: Loading Screen

Complete Epic Quests (78): Solitude Striker Pickaxe

Finish these Epic Quests: Clark Kent (Shadow) outfit, Superman’s Cape (Shadow) Back Bling, The Daily Planet (The Late Edition) Back Bling, Solitude Striker (Shadow), and Kal-El’s Cape (Shadow) Back Bling.

How to Gain Extra XP Fortnite

Assuming players have completed their Epic Quests in Fortnite Season 7, they should be able to unlock everything by Week 12.

If players miss out on Superman Quests they can still complete them until the end of Season 7, giving them plenty of time to complete the Superman set.

Epic Quests can also provide players with extra XP toward their Season 7 Battle Pass to gain more cosmetics and rewards, making them worthwhile to complete in any way.

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