Location Of Camp Cod In Fortnite Season 7 | Complete Details

Camp Cod in Fortnite Season 7: Camp Cod in Fortnite is a Landmark in Fortnite Battle Royale added in Chapter 2 Season 1.

Cod Camp is located inside the coordinates F8 and G8, Southeast of Misty Meadows, south of Katies Corner, and south of Lazy Lake.

The Camp Cod is a small island connected to a burial. Camp Cod in Fortnite is amongst the best loot locations in Fortnite. Camp Cod site looks like an ancient artifact, with a total of 18 chests in this space.

Fortnite’s Camp Cod

In Fortnite, Camp Cod is the largest lighthouse on the Battle Royale map chapter from 2. The Camp Cod also has more chests than any other lighthouse in Fortnite, with almost 18 chests. POI as shown in the original game files. If you walk up to one of the rugs,  You can fall and enter the secret.

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This is most likely the home of several visitors/chest researchers.

Where is the Location Of Camp Cod in Fortnite Season 7?

Camp Cod is in Fortnite, is located at the southern end of the map. To find Camp Cod in Fortnite, you need to navigate to the G8 Arena on the Epic Games map and find its location.

There’s an island below Katy’s Corner and Misty Meadows, so it’s not hard to find. When you get there, you need to turn on three lights to complete the challenge.

Camp Cod In Fortnite Season 8
Camp Cod In Fortnite Season 8

How to complete the Camp Cod  Epic challenge In Fortnite week 7

Fortnite has Epic Challenge of Visit Misty Meadows, Catty Corner, and Camp Cod. However, there is an easy way for all players to access all three in one game.

Players should head to Camp Cod instead of big companies like Catty Corner or Misty Meadows. Players can use this alien vehicle to quickly navigate to two other POIs. There is no way to prevent it from being remove without much effort. Camp Cod In Fortnite Season 8.

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