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Codpts.com COD Mobile: Codpts.com is an online generator site, for generating free in-game currencies. Currencies generate by Codpts.com are COD Mobile, Free Fire, and Fortnite.

However, Codpts.com claims to give free in-game currencies, but reviews of this website tell the opposite story. Codpts.com has receives many negative reviews on the internet. We also share the information about Codpts.com is legit or not, and if Legit then how to use Codpts.com.

Codpts.com call of duty
Codpts.com cod mobile

What is Codpts.com

Codpts.com is an online free generator website that provides its users free CP cash in COD Mobile. We know that CP is the in-game currency of COD Mobile. By using CP you can purchase various items and special weapons in the COD Mobile.

Many players purchase this in-game currency with real money. However, there are a number of ways to obtain CP in COD Mobile. Codpts.com is one of those ways to get in-game-free currency.

How To Use Codpts.com

If you like COD Mobile, then surely you will be looking for ways to get free COD Mobile in-game currency. Here we have Codpts.com, this site claims that it can provide free COD Mobile in-game currency to its users.

Following are the steps you need to follow to avail the free CP game cash:

  • Click Here to open the Codpts.com website.
  • Secondly, click on Start Earning CP today icon.
  • Now text your COD username in the space and press enter.
  • Complete the work allotted by the Codpts.com website to earn CP for free.
  • Now fill in the amount of CP you want to get in COD Mobile and click start.
  • At last, wait a few seconds for the verification.
  • After verification CP will be in your game’s inventory.

Codpts.com call of duty
Codpts.com call of duty cod

Is Codpts.com website Legit?

Codpts.Com is a fake Call of Duty Mobile Points CP Generator website. The website tricks visitors into believing they may receive COD Mobile factors and credit. Players entered a bogus Call of Duty Mobile username that nobody has and the fake internet site claims. Codpts.com becomes in a position to connect to the account, even without a password.

The website Codpts.com then tries to trick players into downloading unwanted and malicious apps. It also redirected players to survey and junk mail websites. But, it in no way gave players the COD Mobile CPs.

If you were trick by codpts.Com, it’s far encouraged which you change your online bills.

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