Best GFX Tool For PUBG Lite ! Complete Details

Best GFX Tool For PUBG Lite: Since PUBG Lite, was released on mobile in August 2019, it has become one of the most popular games as like its pro version PUBG. Being an online multiplayer game with limited maps, modes, weapons, and other parameters, PUBG Lite is naturally a little bit resource-hungry game.

Though the developers have done a good job of making PUBG Lite playable on almost any modern phone, not all graphics settings are available on every device. This is where the third-party GFX Tool for PUGB comes in. Let’s take a look to find out if you should use it.

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Best GFX Tool For PUBG Lite

What is the GFX Tool for PUBG Lite?

You can release the grayed-out photographs settings in PUBG Mobile Lite with the aid of using the GFX Tool for Android. It works by editing the OBB (statistics storage) and texture documents of PUBG Mobile Lite. These settings let you enjoy the advanced graphical capabilities of the contemporary telephones in your old Android device.

GFX Tool Features for PUBG Lite and How to Use 

Download the GFX tool first With the boring parts out of the manner, here is a list of functions that the GFX Tool for PUBG gives. You can tweak these settings to improve your sport’s images.

1. Select Version

Before you begin tinkering with the numerous settings in the device, you need to pick the model of PUBG Mobile that you are gambling. If you are not sure about the region then, go with Global.

  • GFX Tool – Select Version Section

2. Resolution

Once you’ve got decided on the perfect version, the first alternative is to set the game’s resolution. As you could recognize, the decision is the number of pixels on the show of your phone. More pixels imply extra records on the display screen, main to a clearer photo.

You have masses of options right here. It’s fine to first test the default decision of your cellphone and spot what occurs if you increase or lower it.

  • GFX Tool – Resolution Section Highlighted
  • GFX Tool – Resolution Options

3. Graphics

This characteristic influences the quality of photographs. If you’ve got a low-quit smartphone, a few alternatives can be new for you. For example, Smooth is the bottom nice of portraits, whilst Ultra is the highest.

Remember, higher graphical quality will result in decrease frames in line with the second. Choose cautiously based totally on what you price extra.

  • GFX Tool – Graphics Section Highlighted
  • GFX Tool – Graphics Options

4. FPS

All moving pics are made from static pictures, known as frames, performed very quickly. Therefore, the more frames in a 2d, the smoother the sport’s motion will be.

You might be tempted to set the FPS to the max stage, but this is not clever. High FPS is taxing for your hardware, which could heat up your cellphone. Running an extraordinary-warm telephone for a long time can reason harm. So be on the lookout for any signs of extreme warmth and experiment with this feature incrementally. 60FPS must be top enough in maximum cases.

  • GFX Tool – FPS Section Highlighted
  • GFX Tool – FPS Options
Best GFX Tool For PUBG Lite
Best GFX Tool For PUBG Lite

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5. Rendering Quality

Rendering is the manner of producing visuals on the display screen, together with the surroundings, gadgets, and enemies. Setting this feature to High offers high-quality visuals for factors like shadows.

While this appears quality, it is able to be a waste of energy on your cellphone and reason overall performance to take a success. You should hence keep it at Low or Medium on an antique phone.

  • GFX Tool – Rendering Quality Section Highlighted
  • GFX Tool – Rendering Quality Options

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6. Objects\Foliage LOD Distance

LOD stands for the level of detail you want inside the elements of the scene, like items and vegetation. Choose from Low to High depending on how fancy you want these bits to appear.

  • GFX Tool – LOD Distance Sections Highlighted
  • GFX Tool – LOD Distance Options

7. Color Format, Graphics API, and GPU Optimization

These settings are associated with your phone’s pix skills. For instance, the 32-bit shade layout will have much less element but better FPS, while 64-bit can have better high-quality at the value of frame price.

You have options for Graphics API. Choose Vulcan for better exceptional and OpenGL for performance. Lastly, in case your hardware helps GPU Optimization, cross in advance and permit it. It ought to improve your performance.

  • GFX Tool – Hardware Graphic Sections Highlighted
  • GFX Tool – Graphics API Options
  • And, GFX Tool – GPU Optimization Options

8. Save Controls

This option is an on-hand time-saver. It allows you to keep away from tweaking your settings on every occasion you run PUBG Mobile through the GFX Tool. Enable it if you want to apply the same options whenever.

  • GFX Tool – Save Controls Sections Highlighted
  • GFX Tool – Save Controls Options

Is it Legal to Use the GFX Tool for PUBG Lite?

Let’s get the criminal topics out of the way first. The developer of GFX ensures within the FAQ section of the app that it will not get you banned. We advise analyzing the legitimate EULA of PUBG Mobile Lite and Tencent’s anti-cheat regulations for yourself to make certain you are secure the use of this app.

In addition, the app has been around for quite a while and has many high-quality evaluations on Google Play. Despite all this, it’s high-quality to live updated with Tencent’s modern-day news and regulations to keep away from dropping your account.

Caution Used while Using GFX Tool for PUBG Lite

Before delving into the functions of GFX, permit’s cross over some precautions. If you crank up all the settings, the following may additionally take place:

  • Your smartphone could warmness up.
  • The battery would possibly drain faster than usual.
  • The screen might also flicker.
  • The recreation would possibly start lagging.
  • The telephone may hold or freeze.
  • Another common mistake is to duplicate settings shared through expert gamers. Copying the settings from one telephone onto some other isn’t always endorsed. Each smartphone has particular hardware abilities, so an appropriate setting for these devices will maximum probably be one of a kind too.

The quality method is to apprehend every characteristic of the tool and experiment with it hence. Before you retain, make sure you accept any ability chance (however small) of unfavorable your phone when the usage of this tool.

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