Kevin Knox Fortnite Suit | All You Need To know

Kevin Knox Fortnite Suit:- It has been more than 2 years for the reason that Kevin Knox sported a Fortnite healthy to the NBA draft. But it remains one of the most iconic moments inside the records of the game.

Kevin Knox Fortnite Suit
Kevin Knox Fortnite Suit

Who is Kevin Knox

Kevin Knox, a basketball participant for the New York Knicks in the NBA. Had introduced his love for Fortnite a couple of times earlier than the draft. Fortnite isn’t any stranger to receiving applause from celebrities with humans. Like Drake, Marshmello, and even Travis Scott was all taken into consideration by fans of the game.

So, it comes as no marvel that Knox’s idea of sporting a Fortnite-themed Suit to the NBA Draft had no reference to Epic Games.

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About Kevin Knox Fortnite Suit

Let’s take a look at why Kevin Knox’s Fortnite-themed fashion preference stays one of the most iconic crossovers in the records of the NBA Draft.

Back in 2018 while Kevin Knox wore the Fortnite-themed match to the NBA Draft, no longer many athletes were visible sporting Fortnite-themed clothing. What came as an excellent larger fulfillment for Fortnite turned into that Kevin Knox wore the healthy to an event held with the aid of manner of a corporation that has a web sports franchise of its very own.

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Kevin Knox Fortnite Suit Details

Coming in from the Kentucky Wildcats after a successful Southeastern Conference tournament, Kevin Knox becomes selected as the 9th pick out for the New York Knicks.

The Fortnite network turned into extremely satisfied that every other upcoming celeb introduced their passion for video games.

Knox can be called a trendsetter for the move. It wasn’t till tons later those other famous athletes. Inclusive of Josh Hart from the New Orleans Pelicans and JuJu Smith-Schuster from the NFL group. The Pittsburgh Steelers additionally introduced their love for Fortnite.

The community changed into so hyped approximately the concept of Fortnite and Kevin Knox signing an endorsement deal. That the concept of calling the potential collaboration “Fort Knox” won traction online. Some also suggested a Kevin Knox-themed skin be introduced to the game.

Response of Epic 

Epic Games never replied to these requests from the network. However, Kevin Knox’s Fortnite Suit will all the time be remembered as one of the very first videos game-themed garments to be worn to the NBA Drafts.

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