Battle For New World Leaderboard | Complete Details

Battle for New World Leaderboard: The Battle for New World event pitting streamers against each other is in full swing. Here’s how to see the scores on the leaderboard!

Battle for New World Leaderboard
Battle for New World Leaderboard

The New World Closed Beta began on July 20 and will end on August 2. To animate this closed beta, Amazon Games has brought together many streamers to represent the game’s factions. At an event called “Battle for New World” on Twitch. The team representing the Syndicate in Europe is the French. And it is led by ZeratoR! And as much to say it, for the moment they have not come to lose.

To follow the progress of the event, go to the leaderboard or Battle for New World leaderboard on the official website.

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Leaderboard Battle for New World, followed by ZeratoR team leaderboard.

The purpose of this event is to engage viewers during the stream. Making them to collect resources that appear on. The screen in order to collect points. Also the points of all streamers on the team. Then added up and compared to the points of the other two teams.

You can find the score of the event and follow the ranking of each team on the event page of the official New World website.

Battle for New World Leaderboard
Battle for New World Leaderboard

Surrounded among others by Moman, Kennystream, or Player of the attic, ZeratoR leads the Syndicate faction against the Enlisted and the Marauders.

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Battle For New World Leaderboard Score

After a week of competition, that is to say, half of the allotted time. The French team already has a lead that will be very difficult to catch up for the streamers of the Engaged team led by Nagura.

As for the Marauders, made up of German streamers led by Gronkh. The rise seems impossible to compete with the community of ZeratoR and other French-speaking streamers.

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