PUBG Lite 2nd Anniversary Rewards ! Complete Details

PUBG Lite 2nd Anniversary Rewards: PUBG or “Player Unknown’s Battleground” is a free to play an online multiplayer game that introduced a lot of modes to players with your friends along with many maps as well.

PUBG Lite 2nd Anniversary Rewards
PUBG Lite 2nd Anniversary Rewards

With well over 500 million+ downloads there is no stopping this game from ending its reign. but this game has another counterpart called “PUBG Lite

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What Is PUBG Lite :

PUBG in general is a heavy game of over 1.7GB and expands even further its downloaded. so to please the players with mobile phones which are not capable of handling the file size or even the graphical requirements, Tencent introduced PUBG lite.

It’s the same game but with a few cutoffs from the original game like

  • PUBG lite isn’t a global version.
  • it can only feature 40-60 players at once.
  • represents the same map on a smaller scale.
  • Only 1GB is required to run the game on old android devices as well.
  • Not every mode is made available.

along with these changes, there are a lot more things different to this game.

PUBG Lite Rewards for the 2nd Anniversary :

In the latest update, we were hint at a few things we might get or see different with the anniversary like

The player will get to see a new lobby theme with the update for the 2nd anniversary which would have a new aesthetic to it as well.

we will also see a new celebratory area for the anniversary itself within the game.

Players will also see a good addition to the weapon skins, outfits and vehicle skins added into the store in the celebration of the update as well as matching its celebratory aesthetic nicely.

and along with all these, we get general PUBG fixes and performance updates as well.

PUBG Lite 2nd Anniversary Rewards DATE
PUBG Lite 2nd Anniversary Rewards

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More Details PUBG Lite 2nd Anniversary Rewards

PUBG mobile lite has a different reputation than its other active counterpart as it sometimes goes unseen under the naked eye considering it is the trimmed down version of its original version, but over time with a constant play through and many fans playing the game on a daily average basis it has built up its own fan base and following who are constantly and actively participating in any activity given by the update or otherwise like the missions in the game

With this update, the seasonal fans would have a great time visiting the game for new content

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Know More PUBG Lite 2nd Anniversary Rewards

Along with this, we also get a lot of new addition in PUBG as well

like the Air conveyor belt in the main game and many outfits and weapon skins. Also vehicle additions as well making it an all. The out update for both the game satisfying players on both ends giving this game. Its respected place as the most popular game on google play and everywhere else as well.

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