New Purple Crystals Update in Call Of Duty Mobile

Purple Crystals In COD Mobile

Purple Crystals In COD Mobile: Call Of Duty Mobile is an online multiplayer battle royal game that introduces a variety of game modes in its entirety such as Frontline, Team Deathmatch, Domination, Search & Destroy, Gunfight, Kill Confirmed, Hardpoint.

Such a grand amount of modes make players more agitated to try the game even more.

Purple Crystals in Call Of Duty
Purple Crystals in Call Of Duty

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Along With These maps and modes, we also are now introduced to Purple Crystals which has freaked the players out

These crystals are widespread around the map and until the players are clueless about what to do with these purple crystals

Aside from that these Purple Crystals COD are easily breakable as well in COD

What Are The Purple Crystals in COD

The purple crystals might soon be added as an in-game currency whose use and expenditure would be thought to us accordingly

With the coming updates so currently, we all are unaware of what is the role of these purple crystals.

This currency would be either used to buy skins of more outfits or maybe to complete missions or entirely new use to it

Purple Crystals in COD
Purple Crystals in COD

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When Do We Get The update:

Nobody has been notified regarding the update which would initiate the use of these Purple Crystals

Therefore in other words we would have to wait for an official announcement by the company

Would It Affect Our Gameplay:

Purple Crystals are nothing but an addition to the game, so no changes would be occurring in the game.

And as per the gameplay, there shouldn’t be an issue as these are collectable items totally depending on us.

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More Details Purple Crystals In COD Mobile

Along with unknown Purple Crystals, we might be seeing the zombies in Call Of Duty Mobile once again with the new update in this season.

And as per the coming updates, we might have a chance to see more collectable items and a whole new map or mode to use these crystals in their entirety

There all we have to do is wait.

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