How to Purchase UC in BGMI Using Paytm

What is “UC” In BGMI:

Purchase UC in BGMI Using Paytm: In the game Battle Royale Mobile India, there is an inbuilt game currency that we can use to buy and purchase fancy items. to customize and recreate the look of our character, UC seems like the fastest and cheapest way.

This includes all types of gears, equipment, skins, outfits, car skin, parachute skin and colour and a lot more.

purchase UC in BGMI Using Paytm
purchase UC in BGMI Using Paytm


But “UC” isn’t a currency that is freely available to the players just by completing tasks and playing the game more often.

Instead, you can purchase “UC” in exchange for real-time money and other points, buying “UC” with real cash and buying with cash being the fastest and the most reliable way.

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Purchase UC in BGMI Using Paytm

To purchase “UC”, we have to go down to the Royal Pass menu and usually, we can find the “Store”.

Or instead, we can just click on any premium item and look at the unavailability of our in-game currency and we are straight away directed to the store

Can we buy UC from Paytm ?:

Yes, we can buy “UC” via Paytm and is fairly a simple thing to carry on.

  1. Go to “Codashop” and click on “BGMI”
  2. You will then be directed to a Midasbuy page where you can click on “UC”
  3. Then you have to write your player ID and input the desired amount of “UC” you want
  4. and then just simply select Paytm in the payment
purchase UC in BGMI Using Paytm
purchase UC in BGMI Using Paytm

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Following these few simple steps. You can then acquire your desired amount of “UC” only using your Paytm account. along with a few other ways

but overall purchasing “UC” and buying premium items does not affect your gameplay

What is the Royal Pass:

The royal pass basically refers to a prize system for surpassing each level. Your game point experience and completing certain missions for the game

The royal pass is different from regular rewards since it only offers the premium items in the game for free. But the royal pass has to be purchased with UC

now a Royal pass costs 600 UC for the elite pass and 1800 UC for an elite pass + they all come with their perks and surprises with the better plan purchased accordingly

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How Else can we buy the Royal Pass and Premium items:

We can use the UC we purchase in 2 different ways as well, we can either buy the royal pass directly leading us into a weekly and daily reward system or go buy the desired item directly from the in game store

although it can be a bit more expensive instead of buying the royal pass but this is an instantaneous purchase, meaning you don’t have to wait any amount of days for your desired items

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