Fortnite Taco Restaurant opening in Los Angeles for a limited time

Fortnite Taco Shop in real life

Fortnite Taco Restaurant: Recently during the run of the new season 7 or Fortnite, there has been an advertisement campaign featuring real-life taco Restaurant seen in Fortnite. Which are currently open and running to promote Fortnite for a be few days in Los Angeles California.

Fortnite Taco Restaurant
Fortnite Taco store


Why is Fortnite Taco Restaurant

In the game Fortnite there are specific locations that have a taco restaurant in their region, there isn’t just one but plenty

in these specific locations, you can enter and sit inside a taco Restaurant. it does not provide any special loot but is rather there to add to the aesthetic

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Where is Fortnite Taco Restaurant

As anybody would have guessed the taco restaurant is situated in Hollywood. Also in Los Angeles California there have been several taco restaurants featured in several places rebranding themselves as the Fortnite taco Restaurant.

for the sole reason of promoting the game, EPIC GAMES have started this campaign “El Rey’s Taco Restaurant Tuesday”.

Fortnite Taco Restaurant
Fortnite Taco store


So the real-life taco restaurant is located in several locations such as

  • 8175 Melrose Avenue – 7/20/21 – 1 pm to 8 pm
  • West Hollywood – 7/21/21 – 10 am to 8 pm 
  • 90046 – 7/22/21 – 10 am to  2 pm 

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And considering the Fortnite fandom, we can all expect a really long line at the taco restaurant as fans ranging from all age groups would definitely show up to support their favorite game.

If you cannot go to these places to enjoy the Fortnite taco, you can always visit tomato town as that taco restaurant will always be open for you in Fortnite

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Know more:

people unfamiliar with Fortnite but heard this news, should know Fortnite is a multiplayer online third-person shooting game.

this game can have teamed up to 4 players random or you can play with your friends as well, depending on how you start the game

considering the growing popularity of the game. The ever-expanding fan base the company decided to brand a gimmick in the game as a real-life location

hence the taco restaurant is being featured all over. Los Angeles these next few days to promote the game and entertain the fans a little more

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What else:

Fortnite might soon be introducing a new item slot preferred item slots. basically, a fix loadout would be place as you find new weapons.

this can be helpful for fast players as this would save time. Would also contribute to proper arrangement of things so we can discard unwanted items easily.

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