How to Beat Persian in Pokémon GO

How To Beat Persian in Pokémon Go

What Is a Persian Pokémon

How To Beat Persian in Pokémon Go
How To Beat Persian in Pokémon Go

How To Beat Persian in Pokémon Go; Persian in Pokémon Go is a normal-type Pokémon who is the evolution of Meowth, famously owned by the Team Rocket. Persian is a fast and agile pokemon with average defense and attack power, regardless Persian is very Limber in nature, which means they can easily dodge paralysis.

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Aside from being Limber Persian also uses a variety of attacks to fight off his opponents such as.

    • Scratch + Foul Play
    • Scratch + Play Rough
    • Feint Attack + Foul Play
    • Feint Attack + Play Rough
    • Scratch + Power Gem
    • Scratch + Night Slash
    • Feint Attack + Power Gem
    • Feint Attack + Night Slash
How To Beat Persian in Pokémon Go
How To Beat Persian in Pokémon Go

Persian has a great stats report with his attack power being 150, defense being 136, stamina is 163 and its max CP is 1910.

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How to beat Persian:

Beating Persian would not only require a good amount of skills? but strategy, as well as this Pokémon, is really fast.

The best way to deal with Persian is usually to use Fighting-type Pokémon levelled up to a point where they can survive any of Persian’s attacks.

There are a variety of Fighting-type Pokémon available such as

  • Hitmonlee
  • Mankey 
  • Muschamp
  • Lucario 
  • Sawk 
  • Virizion 
  • Emboar 
  • Poliwrath 

The basic fighting type Pokémon is the best on-hand Pokémon to deal with Persian as they negate his attacks and proceed to damage Persian even with his high-speed attacks

How To Beat Persian in Pokémon Go

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So defeating Persian would become a rather doable and easy task once we acquire the necessary Pokémon for the job

Know More:

Pokemon is an open world A-I-generated game that encourages you to go out and catch pokemon outside.

as the map of the game is made similar to the map of your respective city, you will find certain pokemon in certain areas of your city

Pokémon Go 5th anniversary:

This July the PokemonGo franchise completed the 5 year run of their game, and to celebrate it they announced they would add on activities for a certain amount of time.

the 5th anniversary also announced a lot of new addition to the game such as the gleaming Darumaka and a new Pikachu outfit.

How to Participate in the anniversary challenge:

You would just require the starting pokemon in your arsenal, and any specific location is not necessary to begin your raid.

You can use the incense to draw Pokémon near you to complete the challenge much faster in a given time.

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