Why Microsoft Decided to Shut Down Minecraft Earth Game

Why Microsoft  Shut down Minecraft Earth Game:

Why Microsoft Decided to Shut Down Minecraft Earth Game : Microsoft will Close down its Minecraft Earth mobile game on June 30. The game took on Pokemon Go and also included the sector in virtual blocks for players to fulfill and Also play collectively and a big fan base.

Why Microsoft Decided to Shut Down Minecraft Earth Game
Why Microsoft Decided to Shut Down Minecraft Earth Game


Minecraft- Minecraft is a sandbox video game developed by Mojang Studios a Swedish video game developer. Minecraft was create by Markus “Notch” Persson in the Java programming language.

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So, In Minecraft, there are mainly 2 game modes:

  1. Survival:

In the Survival mode Minecraft, the goal is to survive. Also Players appear in a new world and also are challenged to use its resources.

2. Creative:

The second mode is creative mode and in this mode, players have every building block available to them from the get-go.

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Why Shut down of Minecraft Earth Game

Several enthusiasts had been left disillusioned with the also information in of the Minecraft Earth sport shutting down. Minecraft team on Wednesday furnished the reason in the back of taking a name to close down the famous recreation.

It noted useful resource constrain arising out of the coronavirus pandemic as fundamental reason also at the back of closing the game down.

“We have made the tough selection to re-allocate our assets to other areas that also offer price to the Minecraft network. Also to end help for Minecraft Earth in June 2021,” Also Why the Minecraft crew stated in an assertion on Tuesday.

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Why Microsoft Decided to Shut Down Minecraft Earth Game
Shut Down Minecraf Earth Game

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What Minecraft Said on Shut down Minecraft Earth Game:

The official tweeter handle of Minecraft tweeted:-

“On June 30, we are able to discontinue all content material and carrier guide for the sport” they added in their statement that.

“After many extremely good adventures, we’ve made the hard selection to shut down Minecraft Earth in June 2021 also it is parmanent.

We’re so grateful for all of your support and nowadays’s an ultimate construct. Includes several adjustments to make those closing months as amusing as possible.

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