How To Complete Air Conveyor Mission In BGMI

Air Conveyor Mission In BGMI

 Air conveyor Mission in BGMI is a new add mission in Bgmi. That’s shoot launches your character high up in the sky in a directed way you decide

Basically, the air conveyor in BGMI is a launcher for the player shooting. Them up to add on to the fun even more

How To Complete Air Conveyor Mission In BGMI
How To Complete Air Conveyor Mission In BGMI

How To Use The Air Conveyor: 

To use the air conveyor we first have to spot a really tall machine. which is place on fixed locations on the map. When you find the machine simply walk up to it and also find the area where the player can be seat

once you find that certain area an option will pop up which would say “Enter” if you press the enter button your player will automatically sit inside the conveyor

once inside the conveyor, just angle your inclination to the desired direction. You need to be either prepare to fight other players also go in a region of high loot expectancy.

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Where to find the Air Conveyor Mode In BGMI Menu:

The Air Conveyor in BGMI can be found in a lot of locations through the map of “Erangel”, but the air conveyor is not available in the classic Battlegrounds matches

The new Air Conveyor can be found in a different mode of the map. To find the Air Conveyor all you have to do is press on the “Select Mode” option which is place above the “Start” button in the main menu

Once you press “Select Mode” just select the second option of “Evogrounds”. Which is place below the classic matches. Once you are done with simply go back and press the start button.

After you’ve selected “Evogrounds” the starting match would have air conveyor’s scattered through the map.

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Where are the Air Conveyor On the map in BGMI: 

The Air Conveyor are plenty and are available in some fixed regions in the map, they can be easily found when you are on the plane prepare to land

the location of the Air Conveyor are designate by a bright orange dot place on the map which are found near these locations

  • Kameshki
  • Stabler
  • Tech Center
  • Primorsk
  • Security Center
  • Next to Hospital
  • Below Novorepnoye
How To Complete Air Conveyor Mission In BGMI
How To Complete Air Conveyor Mission In BGMI

Specifically in these locations we can access the Air Conveyor and proceed to use it.

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Air Conveyor Mission:

Along the new week and addition of the Air Conveyor a new mission was add in the “RP Challenge” section where you would have to ride the Air Conveyor a total of 10 times which would result in “75 RP”

Or if you find this too difficult to be done, you can use 3 “Mission Pass” to skip through this mission

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Know More:

All in all the Air conveyor is a fun new addition to the game, which is intends to be enjoy by every single player. aside from the reward we can also get creative with how we use it.

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