BGM India vs Free Fire ! Which is better

Free Fire vs BGM India ! Which is better: BGMI in has made a concerted effort to reintroduce the game in India. We’ll compare BGMI Mobile to Garena Free Fire and determine if it’s a suitable alternative for the most popular battle royale game. Additionally, read – Day 1 of the Battlegrounds Mobile India Launch Party Continual Update: 18 Teams fight for a share of the Rs. 6,000,000 prize fund. In this article, we will see that which is better game among Free Fire and BGMI.

Free Fire vs BGM India
Free Fire vs BGM India

Garena Free Fire and BGMI Mobile are two of the most well-known names in the Esports industry, having dominated the scene since their inception. Both provide excellent playability and outstanding visual optimization. Free Fire is particularly well-known for its low-end device optimization capabilities, while BGMI Mobile is well-known for its dense and detailed visuals. While the games are all based on the battle royale concept, they vary in terms of features and gaming experiences.

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Match Lengths: BGMI vs Free Fire

They have varying match lengths due to the variable amount of participants. A BGMI Mobile match is about 30-35 minutes long, whereas a Free Fire match is around 15 minutes long. Free Fire’s personalities and pets stand out as the game’s distinguishing features. Additionally, pets and characters possess unique skills that enable them to operate on the ground. A character may be partnered with a pet to create a collaborative combat squad.

Apart from battling other players, users may also surf, zip line, and construct gloo barriers, further diversifying the action in Free Fire. BGMI Mobile is devoid of all of these features, opting instead for the standard battle royale experience, in which players land, loot, fight, and survive until the match concludes.

Free Fire vs BGM India
Free Fire vs BGM India

Free Fire vs BGM India. Which is better?

BGMI Mobile is now prohibited in India and cannot be played legally in the nation. While some players are using Korean APKs or VPN services to play the game, this is not legal. The game is not accessible for download in the nation, and neither the Apple App Store nor the Google Play Store include it.

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In India, Section 69A of the Information Technology Act prohibited the use of PUBG Mobile and its light version. According to the authorities, the game engaged in actions that jeopardised the country’s sovereignty and integrity, as well as its defence and security. Additionally, Battlegrounds Mobile India users now have an additional three days to transfer their BGMI Mobile data.

On the other hand, Garena Free Fire may be played freely throughout the nation. Additionally, it is now available for download through the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

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BGMI Mobile vs Free Fire: Visual Comparison

Without a doubt, BGMI Mobile offers superior visuals than Free Fire. It has a more realistic feel to it due to the inclusion of detailed people, weaponry, vehicles, and maps. Free Fire has a cartoonish, animated appearance.

While the visuals on BGMI Mobile are superior, this does not imply that the graphics on Free Fire are unplayable. It will keep you occupied until BGMI Corporation reintroduces a legal version of the game.

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Free Fire vs BGM India
Free Fire vs BGM India

BGM India vs Free Fire:

A comparison of system requirements RAM: Both games need a minimum of 2GB of RAM and a maximum of 4GB.


BGMI Mobile needs 610MB of internal storage on a smartphone, which is much less than the 680MB needed by Free Fire.

Characters in BGM vs Free Fire

One area where Free Fire outperforms BGMI Mobile is in terms of playable characters. These individuals contribute to the battleground’s vitality, since seeing distinct in-game characters seems more aesthetically attractive than seeing comparable people dressed differently.

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Free Fire vs BGM India
Free Fire vs BGM India

BGM vs Free Fire: The Ultimate Battle Royale Experience

The BGMI Mobile Battle Royale mode supports up to 100 players concurrently, while Free Fire supports up to 50 players.

Due to the game’s huge player base, maps are bigger and matches are longer. As a result, gaming becomes a lot more enjoyable experience for individuals. Certain individuals may prefer quicker gaming, which is why BGMI Mobile has smaller areas and modes. On the other side, Free Fire lacks bigger areas, which would appeal to gamers seeking extended gaming.

Conclusion: BGM vs Free Fire

Given that BGMI Mobile is presently unavailable in the nation, Free Fire is a suitable game for passing the time. However, when the game does finally return, it will make the decision between returning and remaining more difficult for gamers. However, given that BGMI Mobile offers much more than Free Fire, I would suggest making the switch for a better user experience.

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