PrestonPlayZ Youtuber | Biography, Income Reveal

PrestonPlayZ is a Youtuber who is popular for his Minecraft gameplay. Also he the owner of 5 Youtube Channels. In today’s article, we will discuss his Income from Youtube, Minecraft, Biography, and other details.

PrestonPlayZ is a Youtuber who is popular for his Minecraft gameplay


Preston has 5 channels in addition to his main channel. TBNRFrags and PrestonGamez are two of them.

PrestonPlayZ Minecraft

PrestonPlayz (previously PrestonMinecraft) is the name of his Minecraft channel. He used to post Minecraft Pocket Edition videos on this channel, often featuring his friend Logdotzip, but he now also posts Java Edition videos. As of now, he only posts Minecraft content on the channel, but he may start posting other games now that he renamed it PrestonPlayz from PrestonMinecraft.

TBNR Frags

TBNRFrags has a Call of Duty channel, though it has recently been dominated by Fortnite gameplay. This channel was originally his main channel because it was created about a year and a half before the Preston channel, but his Preston channel is now considered his main channel.

PrestonPlayZ is a Youtuber who is popular for his Minecraft gameplay

Minecraft Server

Preston co-owns the Minecraft server CosmicPvP with another YouTuber, MrWoofless. The server launched in 2014 and features a variety of game modes, including Factions, HCF, and KitPvP. He’s played on this server a lot on his channel, particularly in his factions series.

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Trivia about him

  • Preston builds his own computers and has previously vlogged TBNR and Co. building a computer for his brother Caleb.
  • Preston created a video called Draw My Life for 1 million subscribers.
  • He despises pink, but he hinted in a video that Brianna does.
  • He cares about charity, as evidenced by his genuine donation of $1,000 to the Australian Wildfire Charity in one of his videos.
  • PrestonPlayz stands at 5’6″ (168 centimeters).
  • Preston will also occasionally live stream.
  • Preston, like Logdotzip, used foul language in his older videos.
  • Baby Preston is also well-known. He is Preson’s son, and he is a prankster (only in his Minecraft videos).

PrestonPlayz Youtuber also Reached 17 million subscribers recently on 29th May, 2021.

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