PUBG Lite 2nd Anniversary Date | All you need to know

PUBG Lite 2nd Anniversary Date

PUBG Mobile Lite 2nd Anniversary date Update: It will be actually founded on the commemoration of the PUBG Mobile. Generally, you have probably seen that in PUBG portable light, refreshes coming in PUBG versatile are given that way this time it will be something similar. 

PUBG Mobile Lite 2nd Anniversary date Update
PUBG Mobile Lite 2

When does PUBG Mobile Lite 2 Anniversary start?

For an answer in one sentence, PUBG Mobile Lite 2 Anniversary will expected to arrive before August., within the 0.22.0 version update.

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You will likewise need to realize how long this second Anniversary update will be delivered. At that point, this update will come in beta form, and really at that time, you will get it for download in worldwide PUBG Mobile Lite.

 PUBG Mobile lite 2 anniversary updates size

PUBG Mobile Lite Second Anniversary Update When you see the 0.22.0 version. Then at that time, the update size of PUBG mobile lite the second anniversary will be 700MB. All the players should at least free 1GB of space in your mobile. So that you can download the second-anniversary update of PUBG Mobile Lite coming in version 0.22.0.

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 PUBG mobile lite 2nd anniversary update time

The update of PUBG mobile lite 2nd anniversary will come on July 22, the Server Maintenance Problem will run from 1:00 pm to 5:30 pm on that day and in the meantime, the second-anniversary update of PUBG  Mobile Lite will come.

 PUBG Mobile 2nd anniversary features

In the PUBG Mobile lite 2 Anniversary features. Where you will be able to celebrate Mobile Lite  Second Anniversary. Right now and also you can see the outfits of PUBG  Mobile Lite 2nd Second Anniversary.

  1.  New lobby theme
  2.  A New spawn island
  3.  2nd anniversary- legendary outfits
  4.  2nd anniversary- cake

Highlights Of PUBG Mobile Lite second Anniversary Update

In this update, you will have more various trades in the hall topic like you will actually want to change the subject of the anteroom. Also, In-Game will be included a spot to praise the commemoration in some little regions.

Other Performance Update

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