Download Map Error in BGMI (Fixed Now) ! Complete Guide

Download Map Error in BGMI (Fixed Now): Battlegrounds Mobile India players were experiencing an issue for the last few hours where they were unable to download the resource pack.

Download Map Error in BGMI
Download Map Error in BGMI

Users encountered an error message when opening the ‘download’ section from the settings in Battlegrounds Mobile India, stating that the download failed due to a network error. In addition, all the maps displayed a 0.1 MB download which users couldn’t get through.

What is Map Error in BGMI?

When users opened the ‘download‘ part of Battlegrounds Mobile India’s settings, they received an error message indicating that the download had failed due to a network issue. Furthermore, all of the maps indicated a 0.1 MB download that customers were unable to complete.

The creators have already addressed this issue in a message on their official accounts.

How to Fix Download Map Error in BGMI

  • After launching the game, users must tap the arrow in the bottom right corner. They must then select the ‘Settings’ option.
  • On their displays, the in-game settings will appear. They must select the ‘Log Out’ option.
  • After logging out, users must touch the ‘Repair’ option on the loading screen.
  • Check the “Routine Repair” box and then click “OK.”
  • The problem will be fixed when the patch is applied. Users may then relaunch Battlegrounds Mobile India and resume playing.

It’s been a few days since the introduction of BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India). Because BGMI was released in early access. It is possible that it will still contain errors and issues. Which is to be expected. While it comes to bugs, BGMI customers have been experiencing a new issue with the error message ‘Network connection not initialized’ when attempting to alter graphics or any other settings.

BGMI has also encountered various additional internet-related difficulties, the most notable. Which are the ‘BGMI map download error’ and the ‘Matchmaking error.’ Users have been unable to begin matchmaking on any other maps except Erangel, rendering the game nearly unplayable.

WARNING:  If you delete any other Pak files. Your game can be corrupted. Try to get the maps using BGMI.

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