BF 2042 : Will Battlefield 6 be on PS4? Complete Details

BF 6: Will Battlefield 6 be on PS4?

Will Battlefield 6 be on PS4: BF 2042 is in transit this year as EA and DICE hope to acquaint their first individual shooter with cutting-edge supports interestingly. The gaming association recently expressed its expectation. They want to bring the mass fighting game to any semblance of PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S, which were delivered during 2020.

BF 2042: Will Battlefield 6 be on PS4


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It has been more than a long time since Battlefield 5 was delivered. BF 5 has got having a hard time in the wake of getting analysis over the absence of starting substance. Before new highlights were added as the game matured.

Thus, the game sold fundamentally fewer duplicates than Battlefield 1, with simply 7.3 million sold before the finish of 2018.

Yet, with another game coming, EA has guaranteed that they will be taking Battlefield to the powerful. Which bits of gossip proposing we could see upwards of 128 parts in a single match, which compares to 64v64 battle.

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Will EA deliver for PS4 and Xbox One?

EA affirmed that Battlefield 6 will be delivered on both current and cutting-edge consoles. Implying that PS4 and Xbox One players will actually want to get their hands on their most recent creation.

President Andrew Wilson declared the plans in May that they are intending to create games, no matter how you look at it for current-gen machines.

Front line 6 will show up for PS4 and Xbox One preceding the finish of 2021

What did Wilson say?

Referred to by VGC, Wilson said: “War zone will be accessible for both current-gen and cutting edge as will our games titles. Also, on account of Battlefield, how we can manage with regard to the number of players that we can have in the game.”

He added “The idea of obliteration and those all-new Battlefield minutes that are genuinely cutting edge openings. That we can do with regards to our cutting-edge establishments in light of the expanded handling force and memory. And the yield of the new control center.”

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