How to Level Up Quickly in Chivalry 2 | Complete Guide

How to Level Up in Chivalry 2
How to Level Up in Chivalry 2

How to Level Up Quickly in Chivalry 2: Chivalry II is expected to be launched by fans of the ultra-violent hack and slash franchise. Whereas many have been able to test out the game in the open beta, this is a difficult game to overcome with a learning curve. If you want to increase your chances to survive the wild conflicts in online matches. You could discover certain techniques that will enable you to be genuine warriors of legend.

First, new players should fill in the tutorial in order to gain a clear understanding of the principles. While you may find controls on your own, testing and errors will be necessary to make the lesson all the more valuable.

How to Level Up in Chivalry 2

How to level up in Chivalry 2

  • At the top of the leaderboard, you become the Viking Warlord.
  • However, perhaps 100 points = 1 kill value experience should be allowed to provide a score. Thus, a final score of 1700 would be worth 17 deaths.
  • But the experience of one or the other should be restricted.
  • The only experience for the kills is available if you obtain 17 kills but a score of 1500.
  • You only get the final result if you get 1700 endpoints but just 15 kills.

The game has four classes: Archer, Vanguard, Footman, and Knight. Each has three subclasses, which give players more specialization. It is better for every class to try and figure out what your play style suits. Every class has its own combat styles and tactics. Classes and sub-classes have also the ability to provide vital battle support, such as the horn or flag that cures everyone in your squad close by, fires a brazier, traps and defenses or firebombs.

Knights have the highest health and armour and can do a lot of damage to their own classes. The cool down is twice as long to escape. While they are quick and fluffy, they have the lowest level of health. Making them unsuitable for any fight against melee. Archers are ideally placed in a support role behind combat, shooting arrows from far away to slim.

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What are Footmen in Chivalry II

Footmen are comparable to Ritter’s, but with a higher speed to compensate for their poor armour and health. Its sub-classes make it suited for medium-range situations, such being able to produce (and quickly dismantle) barriers with the largest mileage range. Vanguards are finally similar to shock soldiers. Although they are poor in health, they suffer great damage and mobility, which means they may terrorise the enemy.

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