Minecraft: 3 best loot Locations in Minecraft

3 best loot locations in Minecraft: best loot locations in Minecraft 1.17 Caves & Cliffs update

3 best loot locations in minecraft: In some random Minecraft world, plunder chests are probably the most ideal approaches to get help and the time even uncommon things.

Minecraft: 3 best loot locations in minecraft
Minecraft: 3 best loot locations in minecraft


There are many best loot locations in Minecraft and huge loads of better places to discover plunder chests on a Minecraft seed. Very much like the actual universes, the plunder inside these chests is arbitrarily produced.

Notwithstanding, plunder chests will contain an arrangement of things relying upon where they are found.

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Minecraft Caves and Cliffs

The Minecraft 1.17 Caves and Cliffs update acquainted loads of information with the game, some of which can be found in different plunder chests.

Also, with the recently planned landscape that anticipates players underground, plunder chests ought to be significantly more energizing to stop by while investigating the gigantic cavern frameworks of a Minecraft world.

The accompanying records only a couple of the best places to discover plunder chests in Minecraft 1.17.

Here are the best locations to loot in Minecraft

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3) Shipwreck

Those who can spot shipwrecks in ocean biomes will be well on their way to riches. Shipwrecks always have useful loot hidden away in the chests, whether it be food, crafting materials, or more expensive items like diamonds or emeralds.

Minecraft: 3 best loot locations in minecraft

Plus, loot chests in shipwrecks often include buried treasure maps. Players can use the map to locate other nearby hidden loot chests that usually have even better items.

2) Bastion

While the Caves & Cliffs update only changed elements in the overworld. It is still true that the best loot can be found in other Minecraft realms. The harder it is to access a loot chest, the more likely it that the loot inside is of higher value. This rings true for the loot chests in bastion remnants.

Minecraft: 3 best loot locations in minecraft

While the nether fortress does deserve an honorable mention for the sheer amount of chests inside the structure. Bastions almost always have roughly just as many chests and typically much more valuable loot. Players can find anything from various nether blocks to diamond weapons and armor.

1) End City

End City is the best place to find loot chests is in end cities. Loot chests in end cities often feature a large supply of iron and diamond enchanted weapons and armor. Plus, these are the only places where Minecraft players can find highly sought elytra.

It can be hard to navigate the end and difficult to find end cities, but the loot is more than worth the trek.

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