Rainbow 6 Extraction Price | How To Buy

Rainbow 6 Extraction Price | How To Buy: The Rainbow Six Extraction co-op shooter of Ubisoft got an India award and is published for PC, PS5. The PS Store, Microsoft Store and Epic Games Store are now live pre-ordering for Rainbow Six Extraction. PS4, PS5, Xbox Series x| s, and Xbox One are Rs. 4,999 for Rainbow Six Extraction. Epic Games Store edition of the PC costs Rs. 2999. A deluxe edition, Rs. 3,999, is available on the PC, Rs. 5,999 is also available on consoles.

The pricing is, to say the least, absurdly exorbitant and in line with Sony’s 4,999 PS5 game prices. While the cost is incredibly high in India, this may work for other markets.

At least Sony knows how Rs 4,999 is not what his games should be priced at (though shows no sign of changing this just yet). Maybe Ubisoft is much like Sony’s dependent on the sale. Note that the game’s disc edition still has a fee to obtain. Judging on postings on Games The Shop. It seems that it is sold out in luxurious and standard editions. Because of this, Ubisoft’s parent business in India is Express.

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Rainbow 6 Extraction Price | How To Buy
Rainbow 6 Extraction Price | How To Buy

Where to buy Rainbow Six Extraction

Ubisoft has stepped right into Rainbow Six Extraction to begin their presentation on the E3 2021, disclosing all the specifics about the new Tactical Co-op Experience. Also, the most exciting thing is that it was released on September 16, which is not far away. If you’re wanting to prepare the game or ask what versions are available, all you need to know is here.

Price Chart

Amazon Standard Edition    – $59.99
Best Buy
Standard Edition   – $59.99
Standard Edition – $59.99
                    Deluxe Edition – $79.99

However, you’re going to get access to the 18 extraction operators at the helm of Siege and the cosmetic United Front package at both games by playing Rainbow Six Extraction and Ubisoft’s Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Competitor, Rainbow Six Siege.

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