Error Code 2123 1502 | Pokemon Go How to Fix?

Pokemon Go Error Code 2123 1502 | How to Fix ? You are certainly not alone if you have been unable to download any of your Nintendo Switch purchases. The recent firmware update, version 12.0.3, appears to be causing problems for Switch owners, as many have reported similar download issues with error code 2123-1502.

Error Code 2123 1502 | Pokemon Go How to Fix?
Error Code 2123 1502 | Pokemon Go How to Fix?

Nintendo has provided an official FAQ for those having problems with the update, but users on r/NintendoSwitch claim that these solutions aren’t working. Fixes discovered by fans, on the other hand, may work. One solution suggested by user SethCrazyTurtles is to quickly select “download settings” before the error code appears, then “download this software first.”

DNS Settings

Another option is to brute force the download by attempting to start it repeatedly. Some people claim that it will eventually work. If that doesn’t work, user DasGutYa claims that switching your DNS settings to primary and secondary will help. They explain that even if the error code appeared, the download would still proceed. If you manage to get any of these fixes to work, you should avoid putting your Switch into sleep mode, as this may cause the download to fail.

Error Code 2123 1502 | Pokemon Go How to Fix?
Error Code 2123 1502 | Pokemon Go How to Fix?

How to fix error Code 2123 1502

  • To dismiss the error message, select OK.
  • A message stating that the download has been halted due to an error may appear.
  • To try the download again, select Continue.
  • Please try continuing the download a few more times if the same error code appears.
  • The download should finish normally when the message “Downloading data…” appears.

Other Working Methods

  • Press the POWER Button for three seconds to restart the console, then select Power Options, then Turn Off. To turn the console back on after it has turned off, press the POWER button.
  • Clear Cache of App.
  • To ensure that your Nintendo Switch is still connected to the Internet, test your Internet connection.
  • Set up a new Internet connection, making sure you’re trying to connect to the right network and getting a strong wireless signal from the network.
  • If the DNS you’re trying to use isn’t working, try using a different DNS.

This is how you can also Fix this this Error 2123 1502 in Pokemon GO.

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