BF 6 | BF 2042 Gameplay ,Trailer All Details

Battlefield 2042 Gameplay trailer

BF 2042 Gameplay trailer: The new Battlefield 6 is being touted as “the most ambitious” entry in the series yet.BF 2042 has 128-player maps available on the latest consoles and PC. While PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of the game support 64 players. There will also be the option of playing against AI bots, either solo or with a squad of friends

BF 6 2042 Gameplay trailer
BF 6 2042 Gameplay trailer

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BF 2042 has no campaign and no battle royale mode causes a huge embracement among the Battlefield Lovers.

A host of new weapons, vehicles, robot dogs, and gadgets are also being introduced to the game. But BF 6 lacked what stood out most during an early access preview, ie. a battle royale mode.

From when Battlefield posted a three-second video of their upcoming BF 2042 gameplay, from then gamers and lovers of the game got very excited about BF 2042 gameplay.

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BF 2042 Gameplay: BF 2042 Gameplay Trailer, what they posted

In their recent tweet Battlefield official, Twitter handle posted a three-second video of BF 6 gameplay, where footage shows an Apache helicopter engaging a Russian Kamov helicopter in the game’s Hourglass map. The view starts out in first-person and quickly shifts to third-person before it cuts off.

What DICE Offer

Since, BF 2042 has no battle royale mode, in order to make their fan crazy about the game they make three developments and these are,

DICE’s developers make clear three main experiences in Battlefield 6 battle royale. The first is “a love letter to Battlefield fans,” which is still unnamed and will be revealed at EA Play on July 22.

The second offers “Conquest and Breakthrough modes”. The former requires teams to capture and occupy various locations around the map until the opposing team runs out of respawning tickets. The latter BF series is similar, except teams must capture locations sequentially to advance.

The third one describes a squad-based mode called Hazard Zone and this mode is new in the BF series.

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More Details About Battlefield 6: BF 6 Pre-orders, Game modes and Trailer

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