Are Live Casino Games Set to Usurp Slots in Terms of Popularity?

Slots have always been the main draw for online casinos, and this is highlighted by the fact that there are now thousands of titles for players to choose from. There’s no doubt that these offerings will continue to bring people to the sites, but there’s a chance that live casino games could challenge slots to become the most popular games in the years ahead. This subgenre of online casinos is growing rapidly, and it has so much potential to evolve.

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Live Casino Games are Abundant and Varied

In the early days of live casinos, the most common games were streamed versions of traditional classics like blackjack and roulette. As live streaming grew in popularity and these titles attracted more and more players, developers realized how much potential live casinos had. Now, when you visit sites like Paddy Power Live Casino, you’ll encounter the familiar favorites in various forms, but you’ll also see a load of new titles that have been created specifically for this format. These include game show options like Deal or No Deal Live and The Money Drop Live.

These titles offer something new and were made with the intention of broadening the player demographics at online casinos. Live casino options are now becoming abundant and varied in the same way slots did, and the subgenre could follow the same trajectory as the most popular gambling games.

Slots Have Long Been the Most Popular Games

The reason slots have been the most popular games at online casinos since they began is that there is so much variety available in this subgenre. Slot developers have been able to take inspiration from popular culture to create their offerings, and familiarity has been a huge draw. A study in the Association for Consumer Research has shown that people like things they recognize, and studios such as Microgaming and Playtech have achieved this by making slots based on famous movies.

For instance, the Jurassic World slot game was one of the most played titles in recent years. This could have had something to do with the fact that the reboot of the dinosaur franchise was also one of the highest-grossing movies of the slot game era. Players who saw the picture wanted to have another way to enjoy its themes. Slots have plenty of other genres aside from movies as well, and this helps them endear themselves to the highest number of people possible.

Live Casino May Transition to New Technology More Easily

Live casino games could go the same way as slots, and players could witness a rise in themed games based on movies and other things from popular culture. But they are also expected to evolve in new ways, and could, perhaps, be in a better position to transition into new technology.

According to The Future of Sports, augmented and virtual reality will be huge by 2025. Live casino games will be ready to make the switch to this new technology because their format is perfectly in sync with what the platforms want to offer. AR and VR are designed to provide an immersive experience that puts people in the middle of the action. This is also the aim of live casino games, where players are only separated from the tables by a screen.

Live casino games are still a way off from usurping slots in terms of popularity, but they are gaining a stronger foothold in the market. When AR and VR become mainstream, live casino games could be in a better position to quickly adapt to the new technology.

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